Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Accretion disk

When do you use disc and when do you use disk? It worries me. I'm a visual speller and therefore extremely accurate but this one throws me. A frisbee is a disc, not a disk. But a record is a disk. A cd is a disc, right?

Anyway an accretion disc is neither here nor there. It's what I think of when I eat a pizza. Which is a disc. With things. Upon it. Accreted, one might say. Or not!

I'm still fighting off the damn flu and/or strep throat or whatever it is that makes my throat swell up and hurt like crazy and then I'm all shivery and depressed and miserable and then later I feel okay. It's ridiculous and it keeps coming and going to the point where I'm getting irritated with it, nearly two weeks in.

Today I got my car back from the shop (yay!) but then oh no, it has a new distressing right front wheel wobble, so what's that about? I guess I have to go back. But the transmission is fixed and that was actively life-threateningly dangerous. So major progress, eh?

At the car dealership they treat me like I'm royalty and I don't know why. I mean, I like it! But it freaks me out. All these grown men acting like they're in terror of me. It's weird. And they're super good and accommodating to me all the time. Like I left my parking sticker in the loaner car and they saved it for me, in the safe. In the safe, you guys.

I'm not sure whether I'm just used to being treated badly or at least normally and this is the only time I've ever been in a position where I'm like A Customer who gets the gold star treatment, or what. I seriously have never experienced this before, where they run around bending over backwards to be awesome to me. Like I was supposed to rent a car while mine was getting fixed, but they gave me a free loaner for ten days instead. Super nice, right? Like aggressively super nice.

Anyway this surely just reveals a bunch of psychological issues or something. Never mind.

But I was so sad that the car is not all fixed that when I stopped to buy treats for S. who got divorced (good riddance to that yahoo!) I also got myself a pizza, one of those spinach and feta and mozzarella kind with no red sauce, on the thinnest crust in the entire world, like saltine cracker thin. Mmmmmmmmm.

Then I nearly burned it because dog asked to go out right when it was done, and then climbed over the fence into the neighbors' yard and got stuck in the deep snow.

Luckily I had put both pizza and cardboard on the pan accidentally, which insulated it a bit.

I'm a wreck! Do you get this way with a high fever? My face is burning up and my hands and feet are so cold I can barely type. My skin gets all papery and dry. My hand looks like I'm about a hundred. And of course my throat is killing me and my eyes hurt and all my bones feel like they're breaking. The most annoying part is it comes with a sudden big sadness and woe. Woe! No, wait, the most annoying part is the delirium and terror that happens when the fever gets really high, when I start thinking some scary person is about to come through my door, or there are horrors around the corner of the hallway.

There's a slice of key lime pie defrosting on the counter, but I'm cuddled with the puppy and definitely not getting up until he does. Anyway I'm too cold to move. Somebody bring me the quilt from the couch! Dog and I are snuggled under a crocheted blanket but it's not enough. Also the heat is cranked up. See what I'm saying?

Ten days this nonsense has been going on.

I just got another agent rejection. Gaaaaaaaah! Someone awesome needs to sign me! I will pay off tremendously and become a fabulous asset for you, I swear!

Look, I'm going to get all maudlin again. I want someone on my team! I want to be on someone's team! It is human nature, isn't it? Okay, then!

I had a weird flirtation with the idea of going back to grad school recently. No doubt it was the fever! Or just the memory that I used to be that thing, twenty years ago. I don't actually want to be that thing, which I forget, because it's so appealing to think about (thematically) being part of something, having an office and a place in the community and all that stuff. Then I remember that I really disliked the utterly sterile process of working hard on pointless, meaningless material that means nothing to anybody. Whoops! And also I'm super old! Ha ha.

I'm not sure how I'm going to sort out this whole supporting yourself thing long term. My current jobs are awesome and I love doing that work but they pay very little and I'm going to need more money than that. Being broke is extremely stressful. So anyway. I have to think about it.

I really want that pie. Mmm. Maybe I can just crawl out from under dog, fetch pie, fetch quilt, and reconstitute our arrangement. Also that pizza was too sharp and pointy on my throat. So far PBJ is the best possible thing. But I suspect key lime pie will also be fabulous.

Friday, February 9, 2018

You Gotta Believe

First of all go watch this video because hello, it's the best thing in the whole world. I sent to to friend K. and she and I have been watching it many many times over in the past few days. The only reason I stop is that my cat attacks me if I play it too much. He objects to certain music, including bagpipes, and also when I do math.



Oh haha, hell of a week. I'm still reeling. Also I still have a mountain of work to do. But! Despite the flu and a massive abscess/infection and antibiotics that made my mouth taste like rotten fish and gave me horrible colitis, I got an incredible amount done and didn't miss work at all.

Also the transmission totally imploded on my car so I got this teeny tiny loaner AND we got ten inches of snow, possibly more. So I had to snowblow and all that. And scrape the driveway down to bare pavement with a shovel so the tiny car could go.

There was also this inconveniently high fever and all the associated misery of that. Like being delirious and getting scared by my coat hanging up to dry. And so on.

But that finally went away last night and the infection went down to nothing and now I'm just left with the rotten fish taste and the feeling of being disemboweled by a rusty sword at all times.

I know, I know! This is the year of curve balls and twists and turns! Sudden developments! Changes! Taking on half again as much work as I previously had was just one of the things to cope with this week!

Today I did all the math and figured out how things will fall for the rest of the year, because I am a PLANNER and also a WORRIER and also a tiny bit tired! So I was avoiding work by doing other work, one of my specialties.

Yesterday the landlord came and fixed the dishwasher. I never used it because I'm only one person and use like a bowl, a plate, and a spoon per day. But there's no way I'm keeping up with that now. So now that it works again, I'm going to be a dishwasher user, woohoo!

If the laundry could just wash itself and all the chores do themselves independently, that would be good, too.

So I'm going to dive in and do a bunch more hours of work today and see where I am going into the weekend. I have a tentative plan but need to figure some stuff out. There are LOGISTICS and SCHEDULING and PLANNING to do if I'm going to make sure not to drop any of the many balls that are in the air! And I should start the laundry now before I get too deep into the weeds. Good idea.

Last week I sent out a bunch of agent queries. Hint hint, universe. I'm just saying, this is the year of disruptions and major changes, and nothing would throw me more than a massive book deal with film rights and tv rights and international rights and just a lot of checks that come in the mail, so many checks that I'm like, "Gosh, that's a lot of checks! I wish my bank wasn't all the way in Oregon!" And then I have to Google the nearest branch to me, which might be in like Connecticut or something. Think how disruptive that would be! Again, just saying. Book tour! I know!

I had this excellent idea about a series of short stories to write and then totally forgot my idea. Possibly it will come around again when I get back into the tiny bathtub-sized car.

The great thing about tiny car is that it has more horsepower per weight than my giant car. And it's very analog. It's just like, no real suspension, you feel every bump, but you also feel totally in control of the thing. Most of all it reminds me of how hands-on and bare bones my old VW bus used to feel. It's a fascinating change after the aircraft carrier I've been driving around. Which I will get back Monday, if all goes well.

The transmission was still under warranty, and I have the service contract anyway, so just imagine how much more traumatic that could have been, huh? It could have been ruinously expensive. And the loaner car was free, which made me very happy, because again that could have cost a bundle, and until today I had like $9 in the bank.

Luckily I haven't really been able to eat all week, just white bread and white rice and bananas. I had some PBJ. Some sources recommended it. As long as it's not crunchy. Oh jeez, just thinking about that makes my innards hurt.

Anyway I'm all proud of surviving all that like a real person and stuff, when for the past year or so, even one of those things would have wrecked me and left me totally unable to cope. How about that, huh? Pretty amazing. I didn't miss work or anything. And I had the goddamn flu. Which only worked out because they were luckily scheduled to be doing things such that I didn't have to say words or do stuff, but still!

I'm so addled lately that if someone puts a hat on, I don't recognize them anymore. Also I forgot the existence of most of my pants because I went on the road with just certain pairs and came home and somehow the rest didn't exist anymore, I guess? Come on, brains.

I cannot wait to get done with the rotten fish antibiotics. Nothing seems to kill that taste. Bleah! Oh well, I think the last one is tomorrow night. They sure did the job, so well done you, antibiotics. Lovely new doctor had to cut me open with a scalpel so that was fun, did I mention that? That someone took a scalpel to me? Yes, fantastic. Good times. That was the same day I had to take the car in because it was not shifting up or down and kept on throwing me around like a bucking bronco. Which of course it started last Friday in a massive snowstorm, because why not?

Tuck and roll with it, I guess. Roll and come back up ready for more. I have to remember: IT'S NOT OVER. It's just going to keep on coming.

Let's just hope that the next thing is a contract with an agent, because I would adore that! A team! Someone who believes in me! Someone on my team who can get things published! Awesome!


Sunday, February 4, 2018

Is the oof

I'm working, see? Listening to an audiobook that I need to read. But I'm also sick, which blows, and tired, which is because of sick, I suspect. I have FAR too much to do. I didn't even take an evening off this weekend, never mind a day, which is ungood for the mental healths and probably the physical healths also.

We're going to bed early today, I tell you what.

I was washing a mountain of dishes this morning when the poor dog had a seizure. It seems to happen when he's asleep and gets woken by a noise. The wind blew the snow shovel over and woke him up. Probably it has to do with his point in the sleep cycle.

I have another ton of work to do still. Must sew up some altered brassieres. They're convertible so they have these hooks but the hooks get snagged on the fabric and tie me up in knots and give me actual panic attacks, so I cut all the hooks off, but now have to sew things back together. I suppose it's not must-be-today urgent but ought to be today or tomorrow.

Still have a stack of kind of collating work to do, looking up names and titles and matching them up.

I did all the math I had to do to incorporate my suddenly larger paycheck into payments that need to be made. So much math! Last night I was so anxious, because of the suddenly larger workload, that I laid awake forever trying to do addition in my head. I am not good at that! So I tried to do it in Notes on my phone. Guess what? Also terrible at that! I never did get it right. Today I put it into a spreadsheet and that worked much better, though still no doubt doesn't accurately reflect the tax situation.

The car suddenly fell apart in the transmission on Friday during a raging snowstorm. I am still vaguely hoping in a nonsensical way that it was the snow somehow. Like it has this automatic four wheel drive function that turns itself on, so I was hoping maybe it was that? I don't know. I'll lock it into two wheel drive tomorrow and see if that helps. It's all VERY STRESSFUL because I'll have to rent a car while they fix it, though of course it's lovely that I have the service contract and I don't have to afford a TRANSMISSION.

Still. I am broke, so renting a car and paying the car copay is stressful, but manageable. I could wait until payday but I really don't want to be stuck by the side of the road. Also there's another huge snowstorm coming through Wednesday.

It's a lot. I'm actually managing, so yay for me! But I'm SUPER stressed out. The audiobook is because I could not sit still long enough to read this massive thing I assigned in a fit of madness.

Right, I also wanted to paint and reassemble the cedar chest tonight. I'm just so tired! I forgot to eat until about 2 pm when I woke up at 7. I mean I had some breakfast. Yogurt I think? And some ricecakes later. And then a bath. See, I get terribly inefficient when I get stressed out.

The brilliant and lovely Rainbow Rowell just totally confirmed my lasting issues with fresh veg, so thank you for that! She's so wonderful. Funny and tart and so very funny and smart. I want to reread all of her books out of sheer gratitude and appreciation. Also because the books are so very good.

Actually I can't really reread Eleanor and Park, even though it's fantastic, because of the creepy stepdad. But I'll happily reread Fangirl, Attachments, Carry On, and are there others? Am I forgetting any? Oh, I don't care for Landline because the guy is so unappealing the way he's written, in personality and physically off-putting. SO ANYWAY.

My niece and nephew came over with my sister-in-law after sledding yesterday. I loved that nephew came in and went straight to the couch and picked up a bunny to cuddle and got under a quilt. Hurray! He was cold and tired and in need of warmth and snuggling. Awww!

My niece has cut her hair short, which fills me with a desire to chop my hair off myself, but I'm resisting for now. My hair is going gray and coming in sort of rougher where it's gray. Anyway I'm not sure the bangs and bob are going to do me right for very long. I think it would look okay long, but right now it's not my fave. But the only way to get to long hair is to suffer through this middle period.

Short hair, though...think about how great it would be never to have to use a hair dryer! Not to have to tie my hair back when swimming! Not to have to dry it *again* after swimming!

It would be drafty about the neck, but I have all the scarves in the whole world.

Anyway I'm going to try really hard not to chop it off. I trimmed it finally, after like nine months of growing in. And I keep the bangs trimmed.

We'll see.

I have decisions to make about summer and fall and next year and all that. Re-up the house? Re-up the job? What about summer? What do I do in the middle there? Will my other job fill in all summer, or is there less of it then? I have to think of another option, but not one that will make me utterly wretched like a miserable temp office job where everyone is always super mean and hierarchical and awful.

I hate decisions.

On the plus side, I *have* been sending out agent queries, so hurray for me! Credit goes to my friend K. who inspired me. The letters are the biggest headache for me. I never like them. I never think they're even remotely okay. I see examples that are so widely varied as to be useless. Then eventually I just go, Aaaaaagh, and send some out. Then they get rejected without requests for more. Then I get hideously discouraged and refuse to deal with it for a while. REPEAT!

Hopefully soon I get to bake my rolls and eat my rolls, because oh my goodness, fresh hot bread makes me really happy. I keep eating those sort of trapezoidal fish sticks lately, and green beans. Those are perfectly fine if uncreative foods. But I'm going to have zero time for the next month at least, and only a tiny amount of time for two months after that. I need the dishwasher fixed so I can use it again. (Hup hup, landlord.) But I'm probably not going to be a very creative cook for a while here. Too bad, since I love cooking fun things.

Fish sticks it is! Potatoes, green beans, corn tortillas, refried beans!

I'm so tired, oooooooooof. And agitated. What a great combo! Anyway I'll go take care of that collating job and collapse on the couch with my knitting.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The camper to be

I can't stop thinking about future camper to be!

I keep looking at new camper trailers, but they're all packed full of stuff I hate. Like, I do not want built in narrow vinyl benches pretending to be couches, or a dinette table with six inches between it and the hard plastic shelf pretending to be a chair. Neither of those would be comfortable for even ten seconds and they take up enormous amounts of space.

I do not want an entire built in kitchen with cabinets and a full-sized fridge and oven and microwave.

Here is what I do want out of a camper:

A nice big bed with windows all around it with screens and heavy insulated curtains.
A bathroom with bathtub/shower, toilet, and sink, with hot and cold running water.
A real couch and/or comfy chair.
A real wooden table with a regular chair at it.
A kitchen sink with running water and a drain. The water can be gravity fed, I do not care.
Power for fan, computer, phone.
Maybe a tiny dorm fridge, but a cooler with ice would work fine.
Butane stove (got one) plus for when there's power, electric kettle, hot plate, rice cooker.

I like it. This is all stuff I have already. Which is the goal: a space in which to put stuff you have already. I love the idea of putting the table and comfy chair and bed into the trailer to go on a trip.

I'm learning about what kind of batteries do what and how to run stuff. These sources! They're all like, "Well, you can run your full size fridge and your AC and your television and your Playstation and your blah blah blah, but it'll take...."

Don't take your whole house on vacation. What's that all about? Though I get it with the AC. Heat is awful. Fans really do work fine for me, though. I get chilled easily from fans. Aces!

Mostly what I want is open space. I'm super claustrophobic. I don't even know why I own a tent. So take out all that built in crap and those enormous appliances. Give me a big empty space with a bed at one end and a bathtub and bathroom at the other, with a curtain in between, sure, because I also hate those tiny vertical coffin bathrooms.

In the middle put the table, with a foot locker with the kitchen stuff and dishes and such under it, or use that foot locker for a coffee table/footrest. I would work at the table or sit on the couch with laptop or book. That's 90% of my daytime activity anyway. The rest is cooking and eating, when not walking dogs.

The walls would be windows or bookshelves.

I have a much clearer idea of how to do all this than I did a year ago. Now I think I could get a gutted Airstream (so many out there!) and insulate it, panel it with bendy paneling, install bookshelves, and consider it a ROOM. It's a room on wheels. It's a writing and reading and knitting room on wheels with batteries that get recharged and wiring that goes to an outside connection to the grid. It has water tanks and on-demand propane hot water and propane heat. 

So that's the camper. I like it!

I like it a lot.

I can picture it parked in my driveway. Maybe I'll even get better at backing up trailers, eh? Because I'd have to, in order to get it there.

I can even picture bringing home the gutted one and getting in there and doing all this work on it. Replacing floorboards and insulation, caulking around windows, adding a skylight. So much fun! Fixing up the wiring so it works perfectly. Putting in water tanks. Building in the bed frame with drawers underneath.

It would be funny (and so much easier) to finish the interior with sheets of aluminum like the exterior, so it felt like a spaceship. A spaceship full of normal furniture and bookshelves, of course. And bunnies.

I picture stretch cords across the bookshelves so the books stay put in transit. With tie-downs for the furniture so nothing slides around. What's on the floors? Something smooth, though of course I'd bring rugs from the house. The writing room one is just the right size. Leave your shoes by the door and your hoodie on the hook.

Now dog and cat and I get in there and cook dinner, eat at the table, then have a bath, and read a book on the couch, then put out the lights and get in bed. Crickets all around outside, moon shines through the skylight, bright stars.

Monday, January 15, 2018

No doy

Hi, it's me! I'm here with a profound piece of advice: focus on the good stuff. I know! Brilliant!

Twitter is my main source of entertainment, which is kind of sad now that I spell it out like that, especially since it's turned into 24/7 anger and misery and frustrated helplessness. Are those fun emotions? NO THEY ARE NOT. Are they helpful or useful? Again with the NOPE.

Recently I came across a Twitter feed of women's artwork and followed it, and oh my goodness, it completely highlighted how much Twitter is generally a firehose of suck. (Nicely mixed metaphors there, self.)

A picture comes across my feed, and I think, Ah! Art! Gorgeous! Bright colors! Shapes! Representation of things and ideas!

More of that, please, and less of the suck!

I'm reminded of that made up legend about the old man who says there are two wolves inside us, a good one and a bad one. And which one wins? The one you feed.


Every word in that four-word sentence had four letters. Ahhhhhhh.

I'm just waiting for my jasmine rice to cook in the rice cooker and soaking up that delicious smell. Does any food smell better than jasmine rice? No, it doesn't, so just give up right now.

I completed absolutely gigantic quantities of work (not rice) in the past week, so I'm trying to take today off from it, except I actually can't because it's work, which has its own schedule. Oof. Maybe I can tomorrow.

I'm in this weird year where everything totally jolts me off kilter. I mean they are big jolting things, though it's also true it's very easy to throw me off. But the biggest one is all this startlingly new and unfamiliar material. Whee! It's exciting because I learn a tremendous amount and it's never, ever boring. Hurray for not boring! Hurray for learning! But it's also about ten times harder than familiar material. So there's that. Whoop!

Anyway the rice is done. I'm going to do my work and then stretch a tall skinny canvas to paint some carven saints. Still considering what color that is. Grayish tones but of what color? Bluish? Greenish? Not yellowish, though that's probably most accurate. I dislike yellow for some reason. Anyway I have to stare at some photos of stone with blurred out eyes to get that answer.

Meanwhile, there's jasmine rice, and books to read, and this crazy sweater I'm knitting for Grandma, and some paperwork that I need to burn up because I don't have a shredder, but the metal firepit thing is frozen to the ground by the shed. Hmm! Should I build the little baby black Weber grill I've had since about ten years ago when I was going to use it as a spaceship in a stop motion video? Maybe I should.

Also on my list: replace the batteries for that camera so I can do even tiny amounts of stop motion, because it's flipping fun, if exhausting. But what isn't? I know!

Focus on good stuff, you guys.

Thursday, January 11, 2018


It's over 40 degrees out when there's a yard of snow on the ground, which means everything is mush mush mush. I tried shoveling some off the porch but the mush is on top of solid ice. All of this means that a) hopefully the snow depth will go down so my dog can have his yard back, and b) things are going to become very slippery very soon, when everything freezes back up. Good times!

Last night we had a whirlwind visit to the emergency vet. I'd been working all afternoon and into the evening, after working all morning and half the afternoon on money math and bills and things. I got up from my desk to discover big spots of blood on the floor.

What do you say when that happens? I said, "Who's bleeding? Is it me? Nope. Is it you?" (That was to the dog.) And then I called: "Kitty! Why are you bleeding?"

There were big blood spots all around my office, which is mystifying, and in the bathroom, and up the stairs, and into the little tiny bedroom I use as a writing room. Kitty was all stretched out and cozy on the bed in there, looking totally unconcerned. He somehow had punctured the pad of his paw with a claw and the claw was still deep in there.

I got pliers to try to pull it out, but realized one second in that that was a terrible idea. (Kitty agreed.) So I packed him up in the kitty carrier and we went to the emergency vet.

I wasn't too worried. It wasn't even strictly an emergency, except for the blood. I mean he wasn't bleeding that much, really. But once we got in the place, holy crap. Mr. Kitty was fine, and I was undamaged, but everyone else in there was people with dogs who were seriously injured and/or dying, or worst of all, had just died or been put to sleep. The people were all just wrecked. Even writing about it the next day I'm starting to get leaky eyes, sheesh.

The nice vet tech looked at Mr. Kitty's paw and took him back for the vet to fix. They clipped his nails. I guess they had grown extra long? And he got an antibiotic shot and they cleaned up his paw and put something on it to prevent infection.

Kitty was totally calm the whole time. I mean, he didn't love it, but he did great.

Meanwhile I was a basket case because there were dogs in pain (not that I could see them, but I could hear one crying) and a guy came in to pick up a bag with his dead dog's blanket and collar, which is the worst thing. Oh boy. A couple left without their dog and was just barely holding it together long enough to pay the bill. It was horrible.

Hoo boy.

When we got home, I was all upset and so the dog got upset and the cat was just like, "Jeez, you guys, could you cool it?" We shared a giant can of tuna and everyone got on my lap and stared at me, which is another reason I adore these boys. They're so sensitive and so nice. I snuggled the boys and they squashed me with their furry weight and everything was fine.

I didn't even have nightmares, which made a nice change, because since I got back from Grandma's house, holy badness, I've had horrible nightmares and have had to take the anti-nightmare meds, which make me feel weird and hyper and zombified all at once.

Also I've been chopping ice with the ice chopper, trying to clear the mailbox out so I can get mail finally. Have not received mail since about December 15th or whenever it was I left town. Chopping ice is even worse than shoveling or digging or snowblowing, but those four are the things that kill my hands the most. My hands feel like giant mittens full of razor blades and keep on going numb all night, which wakes me up. Must not shovel, chop, dig, or snowblow for a good long while! Must grow new hands back!

Yes. This is going to be a year of weirdness and everything getting shaken up and turned upside down. Bizarre cat injury! Unexpected courses to teach! Everything is jolting me out of where I think I am and putting me somewhere new!

For example, I just took dog out (his request) and got the mail, which included a notice that the state of Oregon is auditing me for 2014. Did I even live there in 2014? I never know where I lived when. I must have, right? Add that to the list of 2018 bizarrities.

I just went back into my office and discovered that although I cleaned up the blood from the hall, bathroom, stairs, and upstairs bedroom, I did not clean it up in the office. Whee!

I can do this. I can manage all the weirdness. Right? Cat somehow self-inflicts an injury and bleeds all over the house. No worries! Brand new courses I've never taught before take a lot of steep learning curve work. I'll handle it! Grandma might be selling her house and moving to New Hampshire. Okay! My sister, who mostly manages Grandma, is going to be out of the country about 3/4 of the time this winter and spring. No problem! Brand new used car develops a terrifying rumbledethump and shakes me to bits, but can be cured with a car wash and hot water to the wheels! Why not!

Have I mentioned how much I love that car? Aunt Beast! She is a beautiful Beast. And warm and safe and mighty. Hurray for the Beast!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Too damn cold

There's still a twin mattress in my car because it's too cold and too snowy out there.

I want to bring it in. But all the Yakima bars and ski holders and whatnot are ON the mattress. But there's too much snow to get to the shed.

I tried to move stuff around and unbury the mattress, but dog insisted we come inside.

He tried to get into the car, too. He and I both believe the car should be warmer than the world. But it isn't! It's the same temperature as everywhere else! Which is to say zero. Zero degrees F.

It's not pleasant.

I almost decided to teach Please Ignore Vera Dietz, but then started reading it and remembered how seriously negative it is. It's a massive downer every step of the way. I still love that book, but you know. My students last semester pointed out how depressed Glory O'Brien was, something I had actually never noticed, which is kind of funny, or else not.

Anyway outside: nope. Inside: been doing all the laundry (especially putting away all the laundry I've done for the last few days) and building every syllabus. Work! Working at the work that is work. I mean, unpaid, of course. Pre-work work.

My arms still don't work properly since yesterday's clearing up the blizzard festival. And if my neighbor hadn't come by and done half the work, I would probably still be out there digging, because half of my snowblower broke and that made it basically not work at all. It was an issue. Oh, I found some replacement shear bolts but haven't gone out to try them yet, and also they're not shear bolts, which means it could damage the gears. Shear bolts sacrifice themselves to save the gears.

Must go out and buy shear bolts.

I might have worked enough today. I think I've been at it all day. Maybe I should go drag stuff out of the closets and give it away instead, eh? Then when I finally get the mattress out of the car, I can put the bags and boxes of things INTO the car, and give them alllllll away.

Probably I should cook, too. Though presumably a person can live on delicious liverwurst sandwiches piled high with spring mix lettuce for a very long time. Mmmmmm.

I have all these plans for what to do to clear up this cluttery house, let me tell you. And I have my phone in a little bag that goes over my shoulder because PANTS DON'T HAVE POCKETS so I can listen to MBMBaM all day long and move around doing the things.

Dang, my Poang chair is mostly in the shed too. I might just need to go out there and dig out the shed. Dog can stay inside. Eventually he's going to have to pee, though. He has refused two times now. I mean, just pee, dog. It's kind of stressing me out.