Sunday, January 31, 2010

This works!

I really like watching a whole season in one big weekend gulp. I am a fan of this process! Also Mary McDonnell's Aspergian freakout is EXACTLY what happened to me at that job where I was trapped in that tiny hot room with the multiple screaming people in the wool uniform with the liner shirt two sizes too small. Where the directions were all, "It depends," or "Wait, that's wrong, it's like this," or "Just ask someone if that comes up."

I didn't get hugged by surgeons as a cure, which was a totally hilarious scene, but I did go talk to awesome Waynes, which I'd say is better. I did however practically crawl out of my skin in a sympathetic reaction when our heroine Mary did the freakout.


Good show, this.

I really like what they've done with Sloan. He's a great character, kind of selfish and immature (like everyone on the show) but fundamentally okay, and growing as a person. It's kind of what I love about the show in general, when they do this with characters.

I kind of DON'T love it when characters keep repeating the same mistakes over and over without any insight into themselves. I reserve that for myself! Heh heh.

I also really like the part where they go to Derek's trailer because it was fun to drive past them shooting that all the time in that little dell in Griffith Park, even if it made for a long pause in the evening drive. But, how nice! Stopping there in the park in the nice cool evening, knitting a hat, while the CHP guys with their motorcycles and tall boots directed traffic.

How come Grey's doesn't make me sad? Isn't that weird? I found out about Lexie before she was ever on the show because I was waiting on the couch in the writers' offices before my meeting with Marti Noxon. All the actors were all over my neighborhood. I interviewed with the medical researcher. How come I watch this show and none of it bothers me? I think that's so interesting. And mystifying. See, no insights.

Flu is still sucking tremendously, but oh well. It'll pass. It might be time to cook some chicken and make some soup. I did an awesome but very easy household job: staple-gunning bubblewrap to the doors. It is amazing what a difference it's made already. Like the door into the garage, it's an outside door, I guess, but not a heavy one. It's 20 degrees in the garage. There's a skating rink in there!

There's a sort of minor ongoing application freakout in progress, which you can deduce from the staple-gunning of the bubblewrap and the moving of the fezzes of Christmas decorations and summer clothes (okay, I know!) into the attic. I'm also doing the laundry but that's a requirement, not an anxiety-induced procrastination technique.

On Grey's they keep calling metastases "mets" which, hello, doesn't it make you kind of want to go over to the oncologist's house and say, "How about those mets?" Only in my imagination though. Plus I didn't go to the oncologist's house because of the flu.

How come there was a LOON calling in the scene with Derek's trailer? Are there loons in Washington state, where the show is set? Or did they come with Dempsey from Maine? Do Mainers hear loons wherever they go?

People here say the nicest things about Patrick Dempsey, about how he comes back to Lewiston all the time and does amazing things, always helping people and working with charities and all kinds of great stuff. Isn't that wonderful? And they LOVE to hear he still has Maine plates on his truck in L.A.

Chicken soup, yep. I made excellent pancakes for breakfast but somehow it's 3:00 already. And then I'll grapple with the app. App grappling! Instead of opening the files and suddenly leaping out of my chair as though I sat on a wasp.

What should I watch next, Rome or The Middleman? I'm feeling the need for more Kevin McKidd. More! Especially stomping around all grumpy in his tunic and sandals. I've seen one or two episodes but don't remember much else. Wait, isn't the scary teacher from Caprica in it, too? Okay, Rome it is.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Agreeable fantasy

It is so prosaic! But as I was engaging in various prosaic household tasks, I had an unsolicited agreeable household fantasy! In it I get this awesome permanent Daytime Job and when my lease runs out, move over thataway, so I can ride my bike to work, or walk if it's sloshy, or ski if it's snowy. And go to the store similarly un-carred!

It would also be reasonable distance from the library and post office and things. See? So cool.

I tend to fill in all the scenes so of course I could picture showing up to work on skis and tromping up the stairs in my x-c ski boots, skis and poles in hand. Or riding up and locking my bike outside, then changing from shorts to one of my usual skirts, with those excellent Title 9 kind of mary janes.

And of course the house has a yard with a garage and a garden and a fence, so my beautiful golden dog and I can go play in the yard. And Siegfried gets another kitty to play with. And we go upstairs to sleep, as is only right and proper. None of this sleeping on the ground floor malarkey!

I love it that my prosaic fantasy came with exercise-appropriate outfits! Seriously, I was already shopping for lightweight waterproof ski pants, or even just those super heavy leggings. I would totally make do with my usual leggings, but they're cotton and you freeze your skin off if they get wet, which they do, because: snow melts.

Of course I have my, hey! That might work out.

So I got half of Online Job done (AWESOME! GOOD GIRL!) and showered and exercised, which was backwards, but I'm out of practice, okay? The exercise was accidental. I was watching the second half of the Eric Stolz episodes and if you haven't seen them yet, DO NOT READ THIS, because SPOILERS!

Grey's Anatomy Eric Stolz episodes spoiler alert!!!


I guess it's obvious he wasn't going to make it out of the episodes one way or another, since a) he was due to be executed and b) he smashed his brains out on the back of the bed, but I've seen Dead Man Walking a bunch of times and I know the point is REDEMPTION from the guy dying. I didn't know it would work out the way it did, getting Cristina and Meredith back together, oh boy! That's awesome!

I absolutely love that your question the whole time was: whose organs will this little boy get? Is the little boy going to make it? And the question about Eric Stolz was just: how's he going to die, and who is he going to take down with him? Bailey? Meredith? Meredith and Derek as a couple?

I know! What a great show, huh?


End of spoilers.

So all that had me so agitated I couldn't sit still, which is why the Nordictrack is in the living room now--genius!--so I hopped on that, and then when I couldn't do that anymore, hopped on the trampoline to run in place.

Have you ever done this? It is WAY less painful on the joints than running on a treadmill or heaven forbid on the actual surface of the planet. It's bouncy! It has give! I think it also makes it more work, not less, but it hurts less, not more. In sum, I am a giant fan of the trampoline.

I would not have exercised today, given the flu-y state of affairs, but our man Eric Stolz gets to me every kind of way. My people! Every time they say that thing on the radio (what's with the ads, NPR?) about "Caprica, starring Esai Morales," I'm like, "Hey! Excuse me! Eric Stolz, people!"

Speaking of which, WHERE IS MY CAPRICA, ITUNES??? Impatient!!! It is not up yet. What's the rule, 24 hours? Want it now now now!

Plus you know Mark Verheiden wrote it, or an early draft, so yay! I thought I saw him again yesterday. Come on, brain, figure out where you are. Or, wait, no, don't--since extreme goodness just came of forgetting where I am and which water cooler this is.

I'm going to do my other half of Online Job and be caught up on that and good to go and all set to get paid and be right with the world and whatnot. I'm in favor of that, the whole getting paid thing. And being right with the world.

Also I just read Fabulous Lorraine's strictures on cat-keeping and immediately reverted to my old way of using a giant fez for a cat litter box, not that Sieg or any other of my cats (including guests) have ever done that, thank goodness. The giant Rubbermaid ones. They are infinitely better, I swear. I think I switched to the lidded kind to try to keep the litter confined, but it doesn't work better at all and might be worse.

Also? The extra giant fez I had handy is a beautiful, beautiful blue. Yep!

Got my last W2 today but not (of course) that 1099. Non-senders of 1099s? You are on my list of bad people today. Because I could have been DONE with both taxes and FAFSA and now I can't until Monday at the earliest. Grrrr.

Gosh I feel virtuous, with all the Eric-Stolz-in-peril-induced exercise and stuff. That makes me so agitated! Okay so the breathing apparatus is in flames but it was before anyway from flu-fu.

You know, you can get the first half of the Caprica pilot on iTunes for free, and then buy the second half which I guarantee you will have to see. A way to jump in for no commitment! Go go go! It's amazing. Mmmm. Caprica.

This is awesome advice both for total anxiety spazbots like me (woohoo!) and for you regular humans also. Though I am not sure the "it" of "what it wants" is going to be helpful for me, as I tend to anthropomorphize or monstermorphize things anyway.

Maybe I will robomorphize it! I will imagine "it" as an impatient Serge, like one of those phone robots that goes, "I'm sorry, I didn't understand that," over and over until you want to smash the phone. Or the impatient grocery store robot that says, "Put your bananas on the belt. Put your bananas on the belt. Put your bananas on the belt," until I'm about to shove my bananas down its robot throat. Yeah!

Someone might have a few minor issues, SERGE. I mean, okay, maybe me.

My house is making the most tremendous bangs again. Like, who crashed that truck into the front wall? I suppose I should go downstairs and see whether the foundation is falling in again. SIGH.

Happy Capricafication!


If I hadn't already bought the season pass, I'd run to get this right now, even if I'd never heard about it, based on this still from Galactica Sitrep:

LOOK at that! It's like Blade Runner crossed with Lemony Snicket and Miller's Crossing! Holy gorgeousness!

I'm eating buttered tortillas and walking into the furniture because a) no food, somehow, where is the food? and b) minor migraine, ha ha ha. To be expected. My sister would have one too from a similar situation. And c) the frakking flu. Oh and d) watching three dvds of Grey's Anatomy while working on that monstrous puzzle which I imagine is what actually flying through hyperspace must be like, crouched over and focusing hard and making insane connections. (It ain't like dusting crops, boy.)

So Grey's Anatomy works extremely well in marathon form! I was afraid the whining and petty behavior and excessive smoochiness would be overwhelming, but it wasn't! Awesome. In fact it was fantastic, as you can tell by how I couldn't turn it off.

Shiver, ache, regret. Too much dvd. Though I didn't actually pay attention to the ones I'd seen before, which I think was a whole disc and maybe one or two of the episodes on the second one. I did other work while those were on. I think everything up until Denny shows up was background radiation for me.

So there is much awesomeness to be had, to wit: Eric Stolz directed the show, people! And then appeared in it, an amazing character, a genial serial killer who does something horrific but fantastic to help a little kid. I like that actor so much. I know I've said I had a whole Eric Stolz film festival one winter break in grad school, but, er, that was ages ago, and I imagine he's done a thing or two since then.

Also I still really like Meredith. I like how screwed up she is. I like how she's in this situation where all the consequences of her whole past are in her face ALL THE TIME. Like, that's the hospital where her mom was a surgeon, where she grew up, and her current boss broke up her parents' marriage. Oh boy.

Plus! Mary McDonnell! What a fantastic Aspergian doctor she made! Oh, she's amazing. Is she really joining the show?

It is really good I wasn't doing the Real Life drinking game. I forgot I saw Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart driving by Disney one day. And T.J. by my apartment. That place was just crawling with Grey's Anatomy people. Logically, since it was the sensible route to take from their lot. But still!

How come I never got to see Bailey, though, who's so ridiculously awesome? Bailey and Cristina. Love them! Is it because they say whatever they think and get away with it?

Remember that day I dressed as a PA and went to the lot to deliver that scrub cap I made for Bailey? Yay! I arrived just as they were all leaving, purely by accident. Silly, but fun. Why didn't I just mail it, again? I can't remember the fabric--one of a long series of pretty intense blue calicos from that one series, do you know the one?--so I keep wondering if this one is it or that one is it. I probably used the scraps six quilts ago and now I'll never know. Funny!

Well, the tortillas are helping. I didn't eat dinner. Or drink enough tea yesterday, with all the running around to doctors and pharmacies and things. Probably tea will set me up enough to get my tremendous amounts of work done today.

I got a calendar at the pharmacy, finally! It is a MOOSE calendar. January has a moose standing in some snowy Maine woods! It's funny to have a scenic calendar that looks exactly like looking out the window, except for the moose of course. I'm cutting up last year's calendar to decorate my new cubicle at work, along with my work moose calendar that someone was getting rid of, the kind with one big picture where you tear off each month.

The odds of seeing a moose in the Maine woods must be infinitely higher than the odds of seeing many other rare and elusive creatures in the wild, right? Like Joe the bartender or Marti Noxon at the grocery store? Sure, I was geographically predisposed, but SO AM I NOW! Plus, hey, there are more moose.

It is January 30th. How did this happen?

You know how you describe hail and tumors with sports equipment and fruit? Well, I can't think of either small enough to describe those teeny tiny pills. But tomato seeds are the closest. They are slightly larger than tomato seeds. Oh, they're slightly smaller than morning glory seeds, which is a poor reference because who's seen those?

I'm afraid of side effects. It would be so funny not to take anxiety pills for fear of side effects, wouldn't it? Am I untwisting the pen cable again? But they are for emergencies, when presumably side effects would be the least of my concerns.

So it is 37 in the basement and the windows are iced over on the inside. Should make doing the laundry interesting.

I've got the new Bones downloaded, and the new Caprica will be up today sometime I guess? I really need to watch the last Stargate Universe of the first half, which I'm hoarding (cut that out!) and of course there are those two lovely discs of Grey's, where maybe my least favorite character might go away, yay!

By the way the awesome Kevin McKidd really changed that show for the better. His character is in the running for the top five already. He's like a boy Meredith! Finally, a guy with damage, and not just the personality flaws of privilege. (Okay, Alex, but he's extremely unlikeable because he's so mean to everyone.) But this Sadie character, I can see the point of her, but she feels like a waste of space so far. We'll see!

Right, many hours of Online Job to do today, many hours of app work. I predict a nap in there somewhere, too.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kali kali zulfon ke phande nah dalo

I probably ought to find out what that says, since it could be a proclamation about the supremacy of ostriches or something. How would I know? I don't even know what language it's in. Urdu? Farsi? Nusrat has a whole range of them. Unknown!

I sure do like this song though. Hee, once I went on this DATE with a Pakistani doctor guy and he was all agog I'm heavily into Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and he asked which song was my favorite, and I was stumped, the exact same stumpedness I got in the office of that professor with the poster last fall. I was like, "That one that goes [sing sing sing sing sing] of course!" Like I know the names of the songs. I don't even know the names of the U2 songs I listen to nearly every single day.

Who knows song titles? Do people generally know those? Well, not me. Not until iTunes, and not even with it, when it's an album where I listen to the whole thing. Like The Unforgettable Fire, which I've probably listened to more than anything ever. What are the names of the songs? No clue. Because I start at the beginning and go to the end and then stop. Or more likely, start over again.

And even if you know song titles, do you know them in URDU? When you are not an Urdu speaker? But I did learn this one. If it's Urdu. Or Punjabi. Ack! Okay, I looked at a transliteration and maybe it's something else entirely. I think. Maybe not though. I'm leaning toward Urdu again. I am in the dark as far as these languages, Indo-European notwithstanding. My kingdom for a cognate!

Here, you tell me:

kaali kaali zulfoN ke phande na dalo
hamein zinda rehne do, ai husn-walo
( don't cast the spells of black tresses
let us live, O pretty ones )

na chhero hamein, hum sataaye hue hain
bahut zakhm seene pe khaye hue hain
( don't play with us, we are the distressed ones
we have many a wounds on our chests )

sitam gar ho tum khoob pehchaante hain
tumhari adaoN ko hum jaante hain
( we know very well you are the tyrant
we know your charms )

daga-baaz ho tum sitam dhane wale
fareb-e-muhaabat mein uljhaane wale
( you are deceitful, you are tyrant
casting a spectre of love )

ye rangeen kahani tumhi ko mubarak
tumhari jawani tumhi ko mubarak
( this colorful tale, keep it for yourself
your youthfulness, keep it for yourself )

hamari taraf say nigahein hata lo
hamein zinda rehnay do ai husn walo
( look away from me
let us live, O pretty ones )

kaali kaali zulfoN ke phande na dalo
hamein zinda rehne do, ai husn-walo
( don't cast the spells of black tresses
let us live, O pretty ones )

I kind of don't care what it means, do I? Nope.

So anyway! Yes! Celebration with glorious happy song Kali kali zulfon ke phande nah dalo on repeat and my feet up and a fancy dinner all cooked and et and celebratory little baby white donuts to follow, because: am jobbed, for another month. Awesome!

There's a fantastic story to it but I canna tell ye here.

Suffice it to say it makes me feel extremely awesome on a variety of levels! Not least of which is the Pay the Rent level. And the Don't Have to File Unemployment level. And the I Am Useful To Society level.

And lots more. Well, is gooooood.

I didn't know today had snow expected but you know how I always know we're getting it? Elizabeth Bear's blog! I know! It's because weather goes to her house first and then comes to mine. So whenever I read she's having a stack of snow I know I'm about to get it too.

I did not check the weather for today, or else it didn't say snow, because I went out in dress shoes for once and ended up having to get my emergency boots out of the car to drive home. You know, in case I fell in a ditch or something. It could happen. The roads were insanely slippery. And so were my dress shoes! I had to ski to the car in them. Slide, slide, slide, slide.

For tomorrow it says snow and high of 17. Hoo boy. Boots! And getting up early early early to shovel out the driveway.

No W2 or 1099 today. Grrr, angstful. But I'm afraid angst is having to take a back seat to super awesome thrills and joy. Nyah, angst!

I didn't get lunch due to awesomeness acquisition so I was awfully pleased to have broccoli in cheese sauce all prepared and waiting for me, mmmm. But this fancy honey chicken thing I made was super good too. Two foods, one of them slightly complex and requiring recourse to recipes! Am so proud!

I've been snuggling Mr. Kitty extensively and watching the pilot of The Middleman. So big hearts I have for The Middleman now! Oh yes! For real. I insist on watching the entire series RIGHT AWAY. Or reasonable facsimile. I also realize belatedly that I'm frantic to watch Warehouse 13. Hello, love bizarro funny sci-fi series!

Netflix is sending me a stack of Grey's Anatomy. I hope I can deal with their emotional immaturity and idiotic behavior. I kind of forgot why I stopped watching it but it could have been that, maybe? Heh. Anyway I'm starting with season 5 because I've seen everything up to that point, and half of season 5 too, I think, before I lost my lovely DSL and concomitant Hulu. Woe! Miss you, Hulu!

Maybe I'll bug Time Warner again and see if they've run cable out this far. I did see them running it waaaay down by the Sedgeumkedunk (so fun to say--any excuse) but that's far from here with not many houses in between. I mean, they probably didn't, for purely math reasons. Also they're supposed to call me if it ever gets up this way. But I think I'll call them anyway.

You know what's odd? Realizing I knew more lyrics to Kali kali etc. than this amazing song Ceremony that is one of my top favorite songs ever for complicated reasons of associated experience and memory and awesomeness. It is in ENGLISH. And the few words I thought I knew, I had wrong. There is no Jersey shore, for instance. (Dear oh dear. "No mercy shown." Well, they're Brits.)

Yet more evidence that English fits into my brain weirder than other languages. And is harder for me to memorize. Go figure, with your brainscans and MRIs and whatnot.

Urdu! It's Urdu. I looked it up.

Now that I actually see what these words are, I'm astounded how much I like them, even though I kind of don't know what any of it adds up to. Hey, I sing songs in Urdu. I do not require comprehension.

This is why events unnerve me,
They find it all, a different story,
Notice for whom wheels are turning,
Turn again and turn towards this time,
All she asks the strength to hold me,
Then again the same old story,
World will travel, oh so quickly,
Travel first and lean towards this time.

Oh, I'll break them down, no mercy shown,
Heaven knows, it's got to be this time,
Watching her, these things she said,
The times she cried,
Too frail to wake this time.

Oh I'll break them down, no mercy shown
Heaven knows, it's got to be this time,
Avenues all lined with trees,
Picture me and then you start watching,
Watching forever, forever,
Watching love grow, forever,
Letting me know, forever.

You realize you could hand me a similar list of phonemes connected into totally different plausible words and I would believe you that those were the real lyrics instead. Jersey shore, my friends.

You know what's funny? I think I used to know that that song was in Urdu. And I have this tiny distant echoey inkling of a memory about ancient Greek in Caprica from ages ago, like back in Burbank. Can that be true? I think sometimes figuring things out seems amazing to me only because I've forgotten that I used to know things. Unless that's really just retcon deja vu. Hee.

Hey, you want a little baby white donut? You know what, they go really well with stout--cakes and ale!--but I really don't want any stout, even though there is still Guinness in the fridge from U2 poster day. I know! IT ALL HANGS TOGETHER.

Days when things seem all cosmically linked are generally not days when a Guinness is a good idea, in my experience. Though I can't really explain why.

Am going to take donut stupor to sleep now. With obligatory benadryl remedy to obvious repercussions.

But in sum: good news, Urdu, U2, memory is a funny thing, yay AppleTV!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Where did today go? Where?

I have to go to sleep. My legs are all heavy and I think I'm what you might call "tired" or something.

The new modem arrived, its box hilariously smashed and even taped back together. I took pictures. It also doesn't have a battery, though that could easily have fallen out of the smashed box. I guess I'm off to Verizon with it. Pretty lame FedEx. You suck.

Today I left the garage door open all day while I was at work. I mean, the one you drive the CAR through. Whoops! Thankfully no one stole all my stuff, like, oh, the generator, or the kayak, which is worth even more than the generator. Or the mowers or weedwhackers. Or my collection of empty cat litter fezzes! Imagine!

Did I mention the exhaustion thing?

This morning I had to put a blue fez out for the FedEx people, since they obviously would have put the box under the drips by the door otherwise. I mean, that's what they do. And the garage door was frozen shut and wouldn't open until kicked. I guess that's what distracted me.

You know what was missing, though? A bag of cat litter gleanings. I imagine coyotes might have made off with that like a packed lunch. When I got home I was all embarrassed because I'd left it on the steps, in too much of a rush to deal with it, and then...gone.

Coyotes. I'm guessing. Who else would want cat poop? Exactly.

Plus I saw their footyprints in the snow.

Today contained a startling new development I can't discuss, though I told Lars, so you'll have to be content with that. Lars proxy! Normally that means someone else is standing in for Larsliness but today it's going the other way, or something. TIRED.

Oh! And I made cheese sauce for the first time, to make myself eat the ticking time bomb broccoli that I was strangely reluctant to eat. Mostly because I've got hideous Plain Steamed Broccoli dread. Even though it's good and all, I just can't stand the idea of eating it AGAIN for the umpteen millionth time. Hence the cheese sauce, made with some fancy herb cheese that's been in the cheesebox for oooh, nearly a month now. Mmmm, cheese sauce. Got a whole fez of leftovers, too. And 100% non-toxic! I'm feeling fanatical about preventing the allergic reaction. Miss Itchy McHiveypants.

By the way that porcine curry nearly killed me at lunch again. I mean, actual stomach pain. What is up with that pork? Or is it the curry? Can curry powder or any of its ingredients actually turn evil with age? I don't like meat. I really don't. I mean I do, but I hate how I feel after eating it. Of course that's true about most food lately. Down with food!

Joy of Cooking, you are full of such unexpected delights. Stained glass gelatin! You make a couple colors of jello and cut them into cubes then mix them up and pour lemon jello (in its liquid form) over them. Isn't that so 1954? I'm looking for non-toxic chocolate pudding recipes and finding nihil but so many other fascinating and borderline appalling desserts. Like medieval blancmange: a porridge made of minced capon breast, finely ground almonds, and cream, plus breadcrumbs, sugar, and rose water. Once I made authentic medieval mincemeat and it was fabulous, so maybe this would be good. Capon, though?

Or panna cotta, which Joy of Cooking describes as "a smooth, slithery gelatin cream," which just about makes me gag. Slithery??? I happily eat eels but they do not slither. Brrrr, ack.

Okay, dreams, you are allowed to be a rerun about escaping catastrophe in an office-like spaceship with Lee Adama, my friend E. Liu, a beautiful golden dog, and Siegfried cat. Because that just tickled me all day long. Just the essentials! Apollo, E. Liu, and the housepets! AWESOME.

Oh and I met REAL HELO today, who first called to say he was coming by so I was all in a dither, and then he showed up and was totally Helo from the miniseries. I can only imagine the look I must have had. He was strangely pleased to see me, too. Obviously it has been suggested to him that his story would be vastly improved by the addition of a very anxious writer! And whose story wouldn't? After all!

Want to hear an anti-complaint? Yesterday I was lolling about and petting Mr. Kitty and twisted my arm around in a stretching kind of way like cats do, and that terrible elbow kind of stopped hurting. Whoa! It's been much better today. Coincidentally, haven't been lugging the laptop all week. Who knows? I'll take it!

To sleep, for real. Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In-ground pool

Okay, in-basement pool. Pretty deep, too! I drastically re-frakked my elbow by dumping the five-gallon ShopVac over and over and over. Water: heavy.

ShopVac is strangely Serge-like too. You know, that R2D2 short cute robot shape? I seem to be particularly subject to finding small mobile appliances cute, don't I? Not the vacuum, though. Odd. But the generator is similarly adorable. And blue. Remember that scene where Boomer is sort of patting the Raider and singing to it? The generator sales guy kind of gave me the look Chief gives her. Kind of like, Do you two want to be alone?


I stopped trying to drain the basement lake after a while because of the futility aspect and Phantom Tollbooth and also tiredness. I'm sure it's refilled already anyway. But it was getting awfully close to the dryer and that seemed ungood somehow.

Ow ow ow. So M. and I were looking at WebMD to try to figure out whether my elbow is sprained and repeatedly re-injured, or has medial or lateral epicondylitis, but then of course the treatment is essentially the same so who cares? I need a sling or something, though you'd think the recurring nuclear OW would be enough of an incentive to stop using it. Ow ow ow.

It hurt so bad this morning, after last night's ShopVac extravanza, that it nearly made me throw up a couple of times. Whoops. Though honestly sorting and opening the mountains of mail does it the most harm and that is a limited time offer.

Ibuprofin it is! Apparently I'm also supposed to ice it, which makes me cranky because I hate icing things. I like putting heating pads on things, though. Warm please, not cold.

Also perhaps the Nordictrack wasn't the most brilliant choice of activities, but it didn't actually hurt to do it so I thought it would be okay. The ski-pole part of it, right? You don't really do elbow activities. MAN I love that machine. Even if it's not a machine. I mean, I'm the motivating power in it. Right?

Today everyone (including me) keeps saying, "Imagine if all that rain had been snow!" It does give one pause. Probably four feet at least, possibly much more. It rained one hell of a lot. Most of the snow is gone in town but not at my house, noooo. Still have eight inches, and snowbanks along the driveway, though there are a few bare spots where an impromptu creek ran. I still have a driveway so that's amazingly good. I saw a lot of washed out driveways on the way to town. I mean, the gravel of the driveway was all over the road, and the driveway looked like a creek bed. Not so good!

I should drive *up* the mountain to see how much more they have higher than me. I seem to be up one crucial isobar or whatever. Wait, what are those called? The lines on a topographic map. Contour lines, aha. Isobars are something to do with weather. Oh! Isobars are lines on a weather map showing areas of equal pressure. So exactly the same only one is ground and one is air pressure. On maps one of those contour lines is technically an isoheight or isohypse.

So very Greek, isohypse.

I'm very tickled that I recognized spoken Homeric Greek in a really out of context place. High praise to you, Sasha Roiz! I really know almost zero Greek, ancient or otherwise. I can't even conjugate verbs anymore. But I guess the language ear abides. And of course most of the ancient Greek I've heard out loud was Homer. Ho homeros! Okay, I remember that. It's like saying THE Homer. Implying: you know, the awesome one. You know, like THE Sasha Roiz.

I kind of can't remember why I stopped auditing Greek except I was teaching full time at a new school, three brand new courses, my first full time college teaching job, while dissertating and preparing for MLA interviews and going kind of crazy (where have we heard this story before?) and I ended up in the emergency room (more stupid abdominal pain, regular doc thought I had appendicitis) and I kept on studying Greek even after they gave me morphine for the pain, which surprised the ER staff who hovered around wondering what my deal was. I guess usually you stop studying Greek after they give you morphine or something.

I was all, "Morphine! Greek root!" and the various medical people looked at me blankly and tapped the drip and checked the IV and said things like, "Usually someone would be out of it by now." And then I guess I was out of it because all I remember is the most excruciating abdominal ultrasound and then my awesome neighbor had to come pick me up from the hospital at like 3 a.m. when they let me go and I tried to get in the driver's side of her truck and drive us home, which she laughed about forever. Heh. So anyway I dropped Greek. But my study guide is still in the car, third car later. And now you know why I don't go to the doctor for things hurting when I'm going completely bananas with stress, right? Right.

Ho homeros!

It is snowing up a storm out there (oh yes!) but everybody wore their raincoats today, including me. It's 40 degrees! Nobody even wears gloves when it's up to 40.

In sum: Sasha Roiz is a tremendously awesome actor who knocks my socks off as Sam Adama. You should go follow him on Twitter since Serge's fame is giving him a complex. Oh my gosh, the Blade Runner scene with Smoking Man! Gives me utter chills. But the man also delivered lines in Homeric Greek that similarly unsocked me and made my ears swivel around like the cat's, so become devoted! It is well-deserved!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Payday Jones

It would be hilarious if I found out I really was just allergic to this workplace. I got in today and started sneezing my head off while talking to the elevator maintenance guy.

Elevator guy: Bless you!
Me: Thanks! I'm allergic to elevators!

That cracked him up, which was nice. I'm not actually capable of telling the difference between a) allergic to things and thus freaking out (because allergic reactions come with this giant panic reaction too) and b) freaking out and thus allergic to things. See. Post hoc ergo propter hoc, maybe, huh?

I read a bunch of my old writing and was absolutely delighted to find that although the rewritten introduction was dreck, the still existing original introduction (thank you, past me, for not deleting it) was awesome. Yay! Book of Stone. Man oh man I love that book. It's all full of delicious fun chewy language and Things Happen with startling rapidity, and even though the main character isn't running like a crazy loon like my beloved Tethys one, she's fantastic, juggling chainsaws while riding a unicycle backwards over a tank of crocodiles. Well, metaphorically.

I cannot get over how much HAPPENS in the first twenty pages. Every giant major storyline gets launched. It's amazing. And it starts out with your hair on fire, as Miss Snark always said to do.

Thrillsville! I like!

There's stuff I can hardly describe. I don't know how I wrote this! Like how she has this bullying cook guy on board who is doing all kinds of shady stuff under the table but she knows about it and he knows she knows—but they have sort of a detente relationship of mutually assured destruction. And you get it! You get it in a brief passing interaction in the corridor! Whoa.

Am all impressed by self. Stop. Send ice cream and calming pharmaceuticals. Stop. THANK GOODNESS. Stop.

Of course I read it and I'm all, "Who the hell is X?" Because they have these crazy geological names and I don't remember character names most of the time anyway. Even in books I read. Even in books I'm writing. It's true, they just evaporate off my brain.

I was wishing today that I could bottle that lovely blankness that fills my head whenever I need to remember one person's name and place of business long enough to tell someone else. Seriously, there is some weird phone zen that goes on in there. Except counterproductive zen. The zen of making it really hard to do what I'm supposed to do. Ack! Zen ack! Ack zen!

You know that old saying: if you meet the Buddha on the road, get him to answer your phones. Hold please!

Yesterday I couldn't find my cell phone and got in a big panic (duh) because the zippered phone pocket of my bag was open, and I'd been out Saturday, so I thought maybe it had gone flying out and was now embedded in frozen slush at the post office or something. Or maybe it was in my house! So I called it, but instantly got voice mail. Oh heck! The battery was dead, as usual. But then I was wondering, what if someone found it? I should leave a message saying how to reach me. But they wouldn't know the code to GET the message. So I ended up leaving this long silent indecisive message of soundless dithering for myself. Beep! And then it was in my coat pocket after all.

If you meet the Buddha on the road, please press one.

So anyway I'm way less stressed out now (ahahahahahahaha!) because at least I have a writing sample that is awesome. I have to do some tweaking and rewriting, fix some of the various this and that. But still. Yeah! Like!

Noticeable fact: when I go searching for genre writing samples, I have a glorious plethora to choose from. When I go searching for straight-up plain old genre-free fiction samples, I have a cow. Huh!

Oh yeah, allergic to work: first sneezing with the elevator guy, then my face got all red and hivey, and it's still really hot and weirdly sensitive and—no, wait, this is awesome—I have hives on my eyelids. I know! It's awesome! Feels as good as it looks! I took half a benadryl (great purchase, that pill cutter, plus it's BLUE) so I'm less spazzy and more cheerful but still hideous and bumpy and puffy-faced. Seriously, can we not have a better looking side effect? How about sprouting beautiful blue irises from my hair? Okay, violets. Violets growing from my hair. That would be better.

I think I might be maxed out on the stress thing. Heh. I was imagining describing the problem succinctly to a doctor and came up with: anxious introvert receptionist. It's so true! Built in issues! Essential conflict! It goes like this:

Phone: [rings]
Me: Ack! Ackackackackack! [considers fleeing] [picks up phone] ....Hello?

Doesn't it make you think of, oh, Lee Adama? (Don't most things make you think of Lee Adama? Just me?) But look how fabulous he was: not a fighter pilot guy, who became one to make his dad happy, only nothing he did could ever make his dad happy. And then he was really super good at his job even though it wasn't what he wanted to do at all. He was always trying to be one thing when he was really another.

Okay, I think about Lee Adama kind of a lot. I just really like characters with innate conflict, is all. He's a people-pleaser, our Apollo, but doesn't look out for himself enough. Look how straightforward Kara is compared with him. Those two, they're a master class in character.

Hey, guess what? I have a Payday in my bag for later. I'm absurdly excited about it, partly because of the Planning Ahead For Payday Jones excellence.

Payday Jones would be an awesome character name, actually. I could be persuaded to change my main character's name to that. I might have just persuaded myself this very instant. I'm doing it! It's done! Time to celebrate, what kind of candy bar would be appropriate?

You have to take tiny, tiny bites of a Payday when engaged in anxious introvert receptionism, or else it goes like this:

Phone: [rings]
Me: [chews frantically, drinks tea, chokes] Ack choke gasp ack. Hello?

We are having some crazy weather. Last night I checked the weather and saw: winter weather advisory, wind advisory, flood warning. All at the same time! That's what happens when it warms up and rains when there's three feet of snow on the ground.

Guess what else? This is AWESOME. They PLOW the RAIN! That's because the roads are never really clear. See, you thought, Oh, they plow the roads when it snows and then there's no snow on the roads. But that is incorrect! Silly you. There's lots of packed snow on the roads, at least up the mountain where I live. Once you get into an area where houses are in sight of each other, there's less. But not none. So when it rains, they have to plow, because the rain loosens up the packed snow and of course there's a sort of snow berm so the rain can't go anywhere, so you have a flume of standing water and ice floes and slush and slop and mess. It's way slipperier than plain old packed snow.

I heard the plow go by before I got up and was filled with dread at more arm-destroying pre-work shoveling, so I was delighted to discover they were just plowing the rain. Yay!

Oh my goodness, Payday Jones. I am so in love with that name. It's like when I named the Perfect Monster doc West and was agog at how perfect that name was. Agog! Speaking of which—Perfect Monster, not agog—I seem to have lost several versions of that story in the ol' laptop meltdown. And the green witch novel too. Ack! Eeek! Yikes! I'm really thinking I'm going to take broken laptop in to the Best Buy gurus and see if they can pull my data, or even, gasp, fix it. Fix iiiiiiiit! Is broke.

Back to the rewriting. It's the long dark teatime of the soul and I think it's even sleeting, awesome, but the afternoon is wearing on. Online Job will be half as much work very soon, which should help reduce those critical code red stress levels, but every bit of the app I can get nailed down and done will really help too.

Oh man, I forgot to tell you the Bones thing! Bones, mmmm. Well, I was doing this puzzle, which you have to LOOK at, see, but I will look up at the tv for the best moments, which of course I know because I've seen all the episodes a bazillion times at this point. Well, I realized that what I like best is how Booth and Brennan look at each other. And that's when I realized it's a completely crazy kind of love story. You don't usually see love portrayed this way ever, anywhere. First of all they're really different and that's difficult, but that reminded me of various romantic comedy movies. And mismatched buddy cops. But the best part is that there's this totally visible love and they're just sort of working with it and going about their jobs and getting things done. And of course I'd much rather see that than ooky gooey stuff. Yes, I am ten years old, why do you ask?

I also just can't get enough of how devoted they are to what they believe in. Yeah! I was defending Helo to Lars (oh I am such a Helo defender!) for being a good, loyal, honest, dependable person, and doing what he believes is right. And sure we all know I'm highly susceptible to that but doesn't that remind you of Brennan and Booth? Both!

I feel like that needs more explanation but that's all I have brainpower for at the moment. Back to ze rewrite.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not grey, gray

A thousand cyborg pardons! I have misspelled SergeGraystone. Alas! You can follow his cute little robot self on Twitter as SergeGraystone, is what I'm saying.

Also the pilot is up on iTunes and downloading AS WE SPEAK. In this asynchronous online environment. So my now but maybe not your now. Though given how slow it is, it might be your now still by the time you read this.

I'm having a bit of a heinous day for no good reason. Just stressed out (duh) and I keep catching myself gripping things very tightly in my poor damaged hands, like clutching a handful of my own sweatshirt and hanging on for dear life.

I think it's kind of a fascinating manifestation of anxiety, really. I mean, I would give it to a character. But it's really not a good choice for me given the already excruciating hands. I just switched to plastic tumblers today because the glass glasses hurt my hands so badly. Plus, I mean, I drop everything. It's only a matter of time before the inadvertent smashy smashy does someone harm.

How are things with you, my imaginary friends? Hanging in there? Gripping things tightly?

I'm going back to work, hoping to get this block of things done before dinner time.

At this juncture it's good to remember that this time next week, I'll have very few responsibilities left. So the month of going completely crazy from huge amounts of overwork will be over. It's kind of inconvenient that everything has to happen all at once like this, but that's typical, huh?

I'm mostly managing, apart from going completely bananas, of course, except for when nastiness comes my way. Imagine! A strange lack of equanimity in overwhelming circumstances! Well, I swan. World: take a break from trying to set me straight, correct my personal opinions and perceptions, and in general being a jerk. At least for a week. Thanks!

Look, here's my Serge-like air cleaner and Actual Serge. Clearly my air cleaner is Serge's great-grand-robot or something. So related! Don't you see why I have to call the air cleaner Serge? I know!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thank you, Verizon Wireless!

Verizon just emailed to say they have already sent me a new Mifi in the mail because mine has innate issues. Oh boy!

You know I love my Mifi but it has to be reliable or I am hosed, since I depend on it so very much. For work! Seriously. I was about to lose my mind over not being able to do Online Job when I need to, which is ALWAYS.

Speaking of things you pay for for work...taxes are going to be hard, aren't they? I have to do all this it-was-for-work math on top of the independent contractor thing from school and I'm already feeling daunted. Multiple simultaneous jobs of different natures, oy! Math, man.

Anyway, thank you, Verizon Wireless! You are awesome!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ack! Nap

Guess how long your day is when you get home at 5:40, shovel snow until 6, feed the cat, change, and fall asleep for three hours? And then have to go to bed at 10? That's right! Really frakking short!

It's a mark of my devotion to you, dear readers, that I'm spending part of it with you. Awwwww!

Today somehow I overcame all sorts of mental blocks with a mental detour or something and just went ahead and did nearly all of the MFA app work. I can't even explain how blocky it all was before. Like, ohhhhh, I don't know my stupid Penn State ID so I can order transcripts online, it can't be done! Woe! Well, no, you have the option to fax them the form. So I did that. Done! And the undergrad one. And ordered credentials sent.

The creepiest part was that apparently I've updated the online app recently, though I have not the slightest memory of doing so. Maybe it was in the fall? It has my current address and teaching jobs on it. Eerie!

I have to find the essays and all that. Or write them again. And some other stuff. Still, I'm awfully proud that I took that mental detour and I hope the cops catch whoever it is they're looking for.

Wait, isn't that what roadblocks are for? Catching some vile bank robber or something? I never know.

Speaking of Penn State, wow, one brief phone call today plunged me back into their world of utter misery. You've never met such miserable people. You know the DMV is on its worst day? That is Penn State standard. What a dreadful place!

Penn State is where I read Kafka and thought it was a light-hearted romp. Verisimilitude! Also keep in mind that Catch-22 was written at Penn State, while Heller was teaching in the English department. COINCIDENCE??? I think not!

Oh yeah, short version of the nap implications: I think I'm about to be very sick, which would suck. I'm all no-breathing and of course feel like dren but that does not mean sick. I am about to institute a total wheat embargo for stress reasons (you don't want to know!) but that is merely short-timer issues.

I did call the lovely agency and talk to the lovely agent today. Goodness, she's a pleasure to deal with! So professional and awesome!

The weird ghost town did a number on my nerves today, though relief did come in at noon, thank goodness. Working on the puzzle with my puzzle buddies I mentioned how I'd been having a slow-burn panic attack, not having anyone who could cover for lunch and breaks. I'm hoping that's what's going on instead of impending illitude.

Doing Latin, too, that is not really a good sign. I think I run Latin paradigms like some people pray. Whatever works, I say.

The snow is absurd, of course. I shoveled out five inches this morning, after the six yesterday, and then there's another three at least out there from today. But hey, it's not six like we were promised/threatened today!

The newspaper is on my countertop at work so I've been having lots of conversations about Haiti and earthquakes and doooooom and New Orleans and Los Angeles, so I mentioned how weird it is to walk *up* to the river level and how I freaked out and ran away from it and then was expounding on my theory that one day L.A. will just burn up completely from an earthquake-sparked fire until it looks like the post-Skynet apocalypse in Terminator. What a cheerful spot of sunshine I am!

Anyway I'm glad you got lots of rain, L.A.! Keep up the good work! Be glad you don't have to shovel it. Because, ow.

Oh yes! Instituting a program of regular ibuprofin to try to fix my dang elbow, exacerbated by all the shoveling. Today I had a total allergic cow, too, no doubt because of the panic over THINGS and OTHER THINGS and STUFF and incidentally putting raisins in my salad (duh--sulfites) and so took a single benadryl after lunch and was a zombie the rest of the day. Awesome.

Must remember: only eat food that is in its original natural state, or food I know has not been be-toxified. Especially in times of massive stress.

Y'all, I'm ready for sleep again. That is crazy talk. I had half a cup of coffee today, too. Can't keep my eyes open.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Against all the odds somehow today I wrote this awesome short story. Or, not all of it. But from beginning to end. I'm starting to think that I write like 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20, and then I have to go back and fill in 2-4 and so on. Know what I mean? Because I write it and I'm all, "YAY! IS AWESOME!" and then I realize I kind of left out the story.

But it's like building a house! You don't build the whole living room and then start on the kitchen and then later on think, "Oh yeah, bedroom." You put down the foundation and put up the scaffolding and whatnot.

I was so delighted to see the Fug Girls say that someone's bosomry was insufficiently cantilevered. SO HAPPY!!! That right there explains why I adore their mode of expression.

I'm all squished in the leg area because I took the block out from under the desk's legs. It was science, see: I am paying close attention to what makes my elbow hurt like blooming heck. And using the mouse on my desk is high on the list. Wellllll, I remembered that I used to use the sewing stool at this desk, a higher seat than this borrowed chair the SBManorians left here after Thanksgiving weekend. So I've been having to reach up a bit. Maybe that's contributing, who knows? Not anymore, though!

Seriously, the elbow thing has to stop. And the spazzy spot in my back? That could stop too. It's like this weird fizzball just off to the right side of my spine. Spinal fizzball! Sometimes it goes all electric and buzzy.

Last night I finally looked up what the heck the manubrium was since it comes up in Bones all the time. Seriously, manubrium, manubrium, manubrium! What is it??? It's the top of your sternum. And it means handle, I read. Makes sense with the hand in there. Latin-wise, I mean.

I don't get how it's handle-like in the skeletal sense, though. Do other people have handle-like protrusions from the center of their upper chests? Like those handles they have on the vests they wear on Stargate Atlantis, so you can haul wounded comrades without dislocating their arms? That was seriously my first thought.

Guess what, I might get to take medical terminology and anatomy and physiology for freeeeee through Online Job which will then tern into some putative Real World Job if I do things right. Which I fully intend to. I have to file a FAFSA and all. And about a zillion other forms. It is all very form-heavy but did I mention the free? (I have already learned manubrium. Perhaps I'll learn a bone a day! Bones will be so edifying this way!)

Also today at lunch I met someone exactly like myself, which was hilarious and awesome for both of us. We both marched in and sat down at the puzzle with sort of crazed expressions of avid puzzle-doing, and then found out we both get FAR too excited whenever we fit a piece, to the point where we were shrieking with joy and doing high-fives (and laughing our bottoms right off, I tell you what.) She posited that neither of us received sufficient affirmation as children (in those words) which of course is extremely true, and I was delighted all over again by her locution! Yay!

We have so many personality traits in common, it's kind of terrifying. And did I mention awesome? Because she was freaking hilarious about her own self-aware squirreliness and that, of course, is the secret to happiness. She was all hyper-verbal and polysyllabic and yay!

Anyway she does the job I've been thinking about taking courses to do and while we were fiercely working on the puzzle with fierce expressions and frightening the unwary, I suddenly realized I could probably take those courses for free. And lo! A plan was born!

This morning's Morning Edition also had a great piece that was like HELLO C'EST MOI about this guy who was horribly negative and depressed and then saw a therapist who trained him to talk to himself differently and not, oh, extrapolate every event into its logical doom-laden conclusion fifteen million steps later. Imagine! So that's highly worth reading and thinking about a lot.

I actually printed it out, because of the hideous lack of memory thing. I know. I printed a radio piece off the internet. That is just wrong. But I need to remember it! Here it is. Share and enjoy!

Emotional resilience. Imagine! I need new shocks. As in, absorbers, not actual new shocks. Ack!

Oh my golly the NPR website is so blindingly slow. Pack a lunch.

I made amazing dinner. Weird but amazing. Giant cobalt blue bowl of steamed kale, om nom nom, plus the weird part: kosher hot dogs rolled up in fajita tortillas with wasabi/honey drizzled inside and for dipping into. SO GOOD. Mmmmm. What do they normally mix wasabi with? Because it's not water, I can tell you that. Wasabi mixed with water is kind of meh. I have the powder, did I mention that part? Actually it might be old and out of zip. But I can tell you, wasabi mixed with a tiny bit of water first and then mixed with honey might be my favorite magical potion ever.

If I used fresh lemon juice instead of water to mix the wasabi powder and then mixed in honey, it would be my perfect triple-flavored paste of POWER. Mmmmmmmmmm!!!

Tricky, working around vinegar. I want to make some kind of purple cabbage sweet kim chee thing but I don't think it's possible without vinegar. Maybe rice vinegar doesn't have the sulfites that are in wine vinegar? I might have to get some and see. Is it the grapiness or the fermentation? What about apple cider vinegar?

Do you know how happy I am that there's a great big chocolate cake with white icing and blue rosebuds and green leaves in the kitchen right now? Well, most of one. Someone ate some yesterday! And took some for lunch today! Mmmm, cake.

Is it wrong to name the hot dog wasabi fajita tortilla thing Buckaroo Banzai?

I came home today (oh yeah it snowed a ton, forgot to mention) and the plow had left a three foot high, three foot wide wall across the end of the driveway again. Arrrrgh! So I had to park in the road and dig it out in my Legolas boots and office clothes. Which was fine, actually. And I figured out the biggest worry: how to shovel the driveway when there are no lights out there. Park the car there and leave it running with the lights pointing where I need to shovel. Aha!

Handy! I was all trying to figure out light stands and extension cords and the generator and then oh yeah, here's a generator, handily connected to this moving vehicle thing, on rubber tires.

So I shoveled out the driveway and remembered not to check the mail and came inside and changed and went whoooomph and collapsed on the bed, where Mr. Kitty walked all over me saying MRAOW in a mildly concerned manner.

I really need more peppermint tea. Man I am in a peppermint tea zone lately. I drank up this whole huge box of it. Must acquire more! I usually like every other kind of Celestial Seasonings zinger tea better and peppermint last, but lately, oh boy, I cannot get enough of it.

It's the Bones of the tea world. WANT MORE! MORE MORE MORE!

I so very much wish I could have a puzzle on my desk. Oh boy! Wouldn't that be awesome? But I'm utterly delighted that I've succeeded in the hardest part of day one of the writing syllabus. The other thing I have to do today is rewrite 1000 words of Tethys, which is going to be even more interesting because....

The short story is set in that same universe as Tethys and The Book of Stone and that other book whose name I forgot. Because I have all these story ideas about that whole time and area and all those things going on. I have this whole history in my head, see? And these various cultures that have developed and their different religions and stuff. Which is downright handy when writing a short story because the world invention thing is already there. I'm writing some of the crucial character moments in history.

MLK day kind of made me think of that, too. Crucial character moments that have changed history. Rosa Parks. Anne Frank, writing down all that stuff, which we would never have understood otherwise. Know what I mean?

The syllabus is so huge and bossy, you have to write a story a week. I know, fear my classes! But you CAN if you stick to the steps and the manageable stages of it.

Maybe I'll post it. Every week is the same, because I never bothered to figure out the reading. That's because when you make a syllabus, you read the reading before you put it in there. Which I'm not going to do because then the reading will be all done, see? So it kind of says, "Uh, do some short story reading. And listen to Selected Shorts even though you hate it."

When I write them, if bad stuff happens (and it does) it's for good things, and not just to make you feel terrible. What is wrong with those writers? Sheesh! Yikes! Man!

I'ma make some peppermint tea and eat some cake and then write some book book book. Raaaaaaaaar!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Whoop, huh?

Busy day and all! I mean what with how I had to go out and buy wax beans. And bake cake! And bread. And, like, do stuff!

Seriously, busy busy busy. Actually I feel like I've been cooking and baking and washing dishes all day long. But only because I have!

No, wait, I also wrangled data. Lo, the data! I ran a cable from the AppleTV to the router to the desktop computer then hooked up the ipod to the laptop where I download tv episodes and moved all that stuff on there and then to the desktop and then back through the router to the AppleTV.

Isn't that STUPID? It should be possible to go from the laptop. But it ain't. Apple products: so damn bossy. But so very awesome!

I particularly like the remote that is about the size of a stick of gum.

So as a result of much wrangling and wires running all up and down and in and out, I got to watch the latest Bones on the ACTUAL TV. Well, the little one. It's in front of the big one.

I can tell you, when I'm a real grown-up who buys things (in my dreams!) I'm getting a real tv that does not weigh 80 lbs. and is flatter and also can do HD because that's all AppleTV deals with, and also what was the other thing? Oh, sound. It should probably be able to play sounds without buzzing. Heh.

Anyway, awesome! Yay! For real! It only took, er, two months? To get the entire system up and running?

One of these days I'll get the router doing its thing wirelessly and then I won't need to mess with ethernet cables and things.

I really am super excited to have this up and running. I can't even express the hopping up and down excitement. YIPPEE! Whoop! Yeah!

Today: tv success and food food food. Good heavens, the food. Wax beans are so very good, have you had them lately? They're excellent fresh. Less chewy than green beans somehow. Mmmm. Baked one of the extra cake mixes I got for S's last day. That's me: I got two extra ones in case the first batch didn't work out or burned up or whatever. There are WAY worse things to have around than extra boxes of cake mix, yo.

Hee. Yo.

Oh! And I decorated it. I made icing and then there was a bunch left over and there was this cake all white and plain, looking at me, so I had to make blue and green and put lots of little blue rosebuds and leaves all over it. All pretty!

It's so dang pretty. Also delicious.

What else? Oh gosh, the fridge is full of food. I can't even remember all the food I made. Got food!

And Online Job is done. And I'm ready for tomorrow with everything I need. All I have to do now is iron a couple of shirts, which requires, of course: MORE BONES.

I've been on the world's biggest Bones binge lately, gosh! For real. So much! I have season four from Netflix and all of season five so far on the AppleTV and seasons one and three on dvd. Yum! More, please!

Are you still a shipper if the whole show is basically built around that relationship? I don't think so. But I might be kinda biased.

Also, this week? Naked Wendell, y'all. I just love Wendell. I've been debating with myself whether Wendell is actually just basically junior Booth in scientist land. What do you think? He's very Boothy.

Of course I've also been thinking about how Sarah Rees Brennan wrote about practical heroines and the romantic men who love them, including (of course) Brennan and Booth. And then I've been thinking about how that's exactly Crichton and Aeryn of Farscape, and how the robot in the couple is always the woman (except for Simon YAY!), and how in reality, I mean, be serious, the robot is actually the man, so why are we always thinking up these giant epic space operas where the robot is the woman? Because Aeryn and Brennan and Sharon and arguably Starbuck are all variously robots who have to learn how to be a real girl.

Know what I mean?

Robots! I sure do love a good robot story, Dr. Brennan. And a good romantic stalwart moral funny hero, Agent Booth. What makes an Agent a Special Agent? Are there regular Agents and Special Agents?

Imagine if I'd been writing all this during my absolute comprehensive Crichton devotion era. All you get is that Apollo and Helo obsession and now the comprehensive Booth obsession. Heroes! Love them! So...heroic!

Also I'm full of grumpy insights about short stories after listening to Selected Shorts and mulling why I always HATE Selected Shorts. I do, I hate it. I dread it. I don't like short stories. The thing short stories do is give a moment. That kind of moment that Joss Whedon always talks about, where he said he writes whole episodes to get to that important character moment. I think that's what they are, short stories. Except they almost always tend to be the HURTY moments. What the what, short stories? Why you gotta make it hurt?

So if I have to write short stories--and my syllabus starts tomorrow, because of hell and stuff--then I'm going to write those amazing character moments, but they're going to be the ones that go awesome instead of painful.

HEY. Awesomeness is just as real and true as pain! Stupid short story writers! Maybe pain is easier, but so? Shut up with your painful stories of hurting already! Write some frelling awesomeness! Yeah!

Oh, right! Time to iron my shirts. Gotta get up early tomorrow in case I need to shovel out. Supposed to snow overnight. About time! Two weeks without snow, man, that's crazy talk.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Oh my golly I did way too much today. Too much!

Also the state of Maine sent me a certified letter, all mad that I didn't file a Maine tax form in 2008. The year I spent about 30 days in Maine (that much?) and did not earn a dime. I wonder why they think I need to file one? I mean, what gave them that idea, for real? I guess I'll call them up and see. I am guessing they'll discover I didn't need to after all. Which is why I didn't.


Okay, I sprayed puffy insulation from a can all around most of the rest of the basement edges, where the house doesn't quite meet the foundation and grizzly bears were waltzing in and out through the gaps. No, okay, but snakes and mice and apparently rats at some point in the past. And I discovered that the newly broken corner of the foundation, remember when that broke very loudly not so long ago? Like December? Well, it's a lot more broken now.

In fact large sections of the wall have moved. We're talking about millimeters but hello, this is the foundation. And it was a solid piece a month ago, at least right there. And that break was highly alarming.

I think some phone calls are in my future.

I also put up a bunch more pipe insulation and (my favorite) wrapped the water heater in a big cozy water heater blanket. It looks so snug! And now my electric bill should drop precipitously. Much like the house is probably about to do. Ack!

Laundry accomplished, closet reform completed, clothes put into dresser finally, all those billions of dishes washed. It took two Doctor Whos to wash all the dishes and my fingers were pruney for ages afterward.

I got AppleTV to acknowledge my right to watch the episodes on it (sheesh!) at last. Apparently it can only sync from one computer. That is inconvenient, Apple. I should be able to sync from any computer I'm signed in on. And it has to "authorize" with that same mothership computer on, apparently. Whereas the first thing I do before I watch tv is turn the computer off, don't I? Yeah! It's all far too fussy and annoying, but it sure is nice to be able to watch tv on the tv. Got the new Bones to watch tomorrow, too! Oh boy! The X in the Files. And the pilot of Glee, which I'm excited about and expect to enjoy very much.

I got Online Job all done, which is a big relief.

I fixed the bathroom curtain rod that kept falling on my head.

I made awesome lunch of a sort of burrito thing made with refried beans, the rest of that bacon, avocado, fresh tomato, and that amazing Cabot habanero cheese that is actually super hot for once. You know how pepper jack is about a .4 on the spicy scale? Cabot habanero is a 6.5. Woooooo!

For dinner I made tempeh and green beans in this sort of sweet lemon cumin sauce, and oh, it was divine. I keep being an accidental no carby person out of purely just forgetting to make rice. Then it's too late and I just can't be bothered. Funny, huh?

I've got this huge wild-eyed lust for fresh vegetables, one that I think you can only really get  in the frozen north in mid-winter. I can't take my eyes off the peppers I got. You know how they come in a little tray of one orange, one red, one yellow? (Oh yeah, I ate the orange one. SO GOOD!) I think I might be in love with those pepper trios. Our vegetable love will grow, vaster than empires and more slow. Yeah!

Seriously crazy-eyed about the veg, it's true.

I have to remember how fast and easy cooking can be. It gets this giant monumental status in my mind and then I don't do it and then that's not good at all. Nope. 

I didn't mail my quilt because it has this one spot that needs to get fixed, but I'll get to that tomorrow. I actually got out needle and thread to do it but it would have been crappy and bad. It needs to be sewn on the machine.

And I didn't get my new quilt laid out. It got dark too soon! I think it's pushing 4:30 now when there aren't clouds, but still, the light is gone before you know it.

Much like today. Well, I spent ages on the phone with D., which was awesome and very fun. I think that and finally getting all this stuff done and finally getting a HUGE amount of sleep did a whole lot for my mental health. Sleep deprivation: not good for you. Well, massive amounts of hideous suckage are not good for you either. But hopefully that's over now, right? Yeah!

One of these days I will have to un-decorate the Christmas tree and put it out in the woods and all, but it's still holding up great and smells amazing so not yet. It hasn't even really dropped any needles. Pretty cool!

Perhaps it is time for the hay to be hit.

Did you see this picture? Amazing!

More about the Bechdel test, assorted blather, quilts

I think Sumara asked a while back and I never got around to answering, so here's a lovely explanation and exploration of it here.

Alison Bechdel is online here. She's a brilliant cartoonist and all kinds of artist and has drawn a comic since, ooh, back when I was a nanny for some lesbian moms who got the paper with the comic in it. At least! I think that kid is what, 30 now? Wait...math...carry the four, divide by seven...yep, I think she's 28 or something.

Hey, I figured out the gay nerd thing! It's like being a Battlestar nerd or a Buffy nerd! Aha!!! Semantics, man. PFLAG all the way! I bet PFLAG has changed their name by now, haven't they? Hmm. Too bad, because PFLAG always makes me think of P-funk and next thing you know we are groooooving.

Once you have the Bechdel test in your mind, fiction either passes or outrageously fails in a way that you can't believe you didn't notice before. It's like a weird focusing lens for misogyny. Bizarre how many things fail. It's one way to tell when an unreconstructed caveman wrote your show or book or movie, for one thing.

So I have to pack up Bagrole's quilt and drive down the up down up down up down road to the post office. I LOVE this road because it does, well, that. Obviously I avoid it if there's snow, because, eek! It's an unnatural place for a road, seriously, but the least hilly option that direction. Still, every time I drive on it I wonder what on earth people were thinking, putting a road there.

The road goes straight through Dogpatch, which is kind of cool, when it's not hot out. Ooh, boy. With the rickety fences built entirely out of old pallets and the giant brown steers that wander into the road sometimes. And the farm with the big flock of geese. Many sights! An enjoyable ride!

Now I just have to overcome quilt separation anxiety. That's the hard part! I seriously might not make it today. Quilt separation anxiety is not to be trifled with. Argh! Ack! Rats! But if I make it, I might be able to settle in and lay out the NEXT quilt this afternoon, woohoo! I would love that. So hup hup!

I have ambitions to go x-c skiing today. The snowmobiles have made an AWESOME trail in the power line cut, as I hoped they would. I am quite sure that eighteen dozen muscles will scream in agony once I go, but I'll deal with that later. The only potential holdup is the totally busted right elbow. It's bad enough now that when I roll over at night, I have to pick up my forearm and move it with my other hand, it hurts so much to move it on its own. Hmmmmmm.

So that could be a wrinkle, heh. Maybe a brace! I am of the school of thought that says an Ace bandage or a brace of some kind is the solution to all joint and muscle woes. (Not actually the case. But I persist regardless!)

Speaking of school, I have Online Job to do today to, lest we forget! I had to rearrange my schedule to accommodate the habits of others. Not a problem, but *remembering* is a problem.

What's on your plate today, internet? Skiing and quilting in the face of a house that desperately needs cleaning and a stack of dishes up to the roof? Whee! I have a whole ton of household jobs to do too, actually. So many! Putting the clothes in the dresser, six months later, for instance. I got those cedar shelf liners and put them in there, so my clothes won't smell like paint. It's worked great for the first drawer I tried, so I'm ready to put things in the other three. A MAJOR ADVANCE in my life: clothes in the dresser. I know!

Though I'll be watching Doctor Who on the laptop while that goes on, and while instituting closet reform. Full disclosure, you know.

Time to rock and roll. Where's that packing tape? Sob!!!


Oh, what the hell have I been talking about all week? No one knows! No one! Well, no one asked, did they? I've been writing emails that don't get replies. I'm keeping a tally because when I get to 100, something happens. What is it? I don't know!
Um. Oh, I didn't get the job. You know, the one that I'M ALREADY DOING. In fact today I had to format, print, and send the offer letter to the person who DID get the job, which was actually a step up from ushering the interviewees in all this week and last week. The interviewees for the job I already knew I wasn't going to get. But was doing. Right.

So now I have two weeks left of this temp job that a monkey could do but that apparently I am not qualified for despite did I mention: doing it? Yeah.

It makes me cranky.

There was also an episode or two of Abuse The Temp. This is one of those hierarchical things where people low on the totem pole beat on the temp to prove they're not at the bottom. Because I am. I don't take that too well. It's petty nasty stupid stuff but it bothers me *because* of that, because of the beat-down.

If mental brains were health, I had pneumonia this week. Very very very bad week. I'm incredibly amazed that I was able to get to work on time and do my thing and maintain, all the way through all this, all week. Pretty outrageous.

But everything else was pure hell. YIKES.

Hmm, I suppose it's just the giant massive rejection again and having my nose rubbed in it all day every day. Could that be it? Maybe so.

And having my job cut short.

Oh and Phoenix didn't give me any courses for when these are over. They end the 25th and whatever the Tuesday is after that. The next one doesn't start until the 25th of February, so I won't get paid until March.

I had thought that once I started doing two at a time, I'd keep on having two at a time, or at the very least ONE at a time. But no!!!

Add that to the hideous Husson hatefest over the weekend, canceling my class, then immediately giving a new section of it to someone new the next second.

It's kind of hard not to feel like some of this, if not all of it, is PERSONAL. When three jobs tell you to frak off in one week, know what I mean? THREE.

And my brother. And that other thing I don't want to talk about. And my friend Didi seems to have ditched me at the same time. Did I mention that I've been emailing people a lot and no one writes back? Amazing. What did I forget? Oh, Sharon at work told me that her friend at the real estate agency was very interested in hiring me if Affiliated didn't work out, but then today said the person who was going to leave isn't leaving after all. Oh well!

It's been a very very very bad week.

But hey, I have this awesome puzzle! The puzzle is all zen and stuff. I like it. Seriously, it's all I do anymore.

All in all I feel very very fired, by family and friends and jobs and, er, everything. WE DON'T WANT YOU, says the world. It's not that usual indifference of the inanimate universe. I actually find that very comforting. It's the unrelenting and personal WE DON'T WANT YOU from all quarters that gets to me.

I'm kind of having a cow about the job thing because I was budgeting for continuing Phoenix, plus they said minimum 30 days of the temp job, which is now going to be less, plus, I don't know, what the hell? What am I going to do? No one will HIRE me on. It's very frustrating. I don't really see why it has to be like this. If I knew what to do to make it change, I would do it. But I don't.

That episode The Hero in the Hold is a good one, huh? Bones, season 4. I think I've watched it about eight or nine times in the past few days, heh. Only twice tonight though. I think that's a sign of improvement.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I drew a picture for you. A purple bunny, a carrot, some red thing, and an apple. That spray can pointillism effect on Paint is pretty awesome, huh? If you kind of squint it looks all real and stuff. Sunday in the park with an apple.

I'm also very fond of making line drawings and using the "fill" function. There's one about some guy carrying laundry down the stairs while the cat is coming up them. I wonder how it will come out in the end?

That's the apple that's on my desk that I keep on not eating yet.

I'm in hell. In case anyone was thinking, "Hmm, I wonder about the status of hell over there? In it? Near it? Out of it? Over two and down three? What sort of hell proximity are we talking, here?" IN. It's dark.

However, I did get poutine today, so all is not lost. MAN poutine is good. The waitress got all tickled at how ridiculously excited I got over it. I'm secretly Canadian, aren't I? Is that the test? I mean I hate football and love hockey and poutine and Hart Hanson. I think we're onto something here. Where's my toque?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bedtime, yes?

Oh, woe. Bad day. Bad, bad day today. It's because humans are hierarchical and those who are slightly above the bottom of the pecking order feel a powerful need to stomp on those below them, in order to prove they can. It's never people in positions of power, or people who are secure. Nope! Bullying comes from just above. I hope it didn't cost me everything but it probably did.

I keep looking at the clock, hoping it's late enough to go to bed. Heh. One of those no good very bad days!

I just watched The Plan again with the commentary on. Very awesome! It made me want to keel over and die, however.

The movie is even better the second time through. Look at all the awesomeness I didn't even mention! Like the very beginning, which is so outrageously stunning and gives you chills. I mean it literally makes my hair stand up, with the Hybrid saying all those places are burning, and watching gigantic horrific nuclear bombs going off, watching the shock waves crash through the cities and all.

How come regular movies can't make giant awesome powerful things like that actually matter? They do them sometimes, but they don't *matter* like that. Fascinating!

Okay, I had some lovely moments today. Let's look at those. I love when you get this moment of actually connecting with someone and you think, "You're so wonderful, I want to be friends!" That's nice. Suppressing the negative thought that follows that with a very large, er, tongue suppressor right now.

Here's some good things: I wrote my personal writing syllabus of awesomeness. It starts Monday. It's going to be hard work, but it does that super cool *incremental* thing that is so important for me. Remember I'm the one who can't knit a whole blanket in one piece. I have to knit smaller squares and knit them together. Huge tasks are insanely daunting. I need to break them down. Well, the syllabus breaks them down.

I also wrote a lot of background stuff I hadn't figured out about the mystery I'm writing. I know, I know! Such a bad idea to write a mystery without knowing the mystery inside and out! Well, now I do, about 90%, which is way better than the 15-20% I had before.

I might be getting sick or something, at least I hope so, because that would give me a physical reason to feel this way. I am just so wrecked. Today just took my head and slammed it against a stone wall a whole lot of times, right up until five minutes ago when I turned the dvd off. Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow. Now I have that feeling, do you know the one? Like an elephant is standing on your chest? Like I'm physically being pressed into the ground.

I'm going to bed before today can do anything else to me. Except I have this terror that in doing so I'll miss something with Online Job and lose the last thing I have. Oy! I'll just put another half hour into that, I guess, to make extra quadruple sure. I really like it and don't want it to get taken away.

Hell with today. No, don't worry, I know the way back to the pound.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Plan

Obviously this is all full of spoilers for the Battlestar movie The Plan and Battlestar in general. I am looking at you, Lars! Beware!


In case

You weren't




First of all I have to admit I'd read many drafts of it and knew what was going to happen and stuff. So it was more of an experience of watching to see how they did what was on the page. That's a pretty wonderful thing but it's very different from watching to find out what happens, right?

So what I missed the most was Simon's story got shorter and a whole lot got cut out of that (sad!) and Giana had less of a storyline too.

The oddest thing was that I'd pictured everything a certain way and only I'd say half of it was the way I'd pictured. Not counting archive footage, of course, which was strangely enough *exactly* as I'd pictured it.

Actually that's not true. Quite a lot of it seemed to be different, like it was a slightly different shot or angle or something than the original. Or cut differently. In fact that all made me feel kind of crazy because I know that show better than the back of my hand and so seeing things changed just a little was very jarring and made me anxious.

Of course, lettuce can make me anxious. So there's that.

I also seem to remember there were more Sixes before. Or did I imagine that?

Anyway my FAVORITE thing was there, which might seem odd to have as a favorite, but I was hoping for and championing this and I am SO GLAD it made it in: the loving physical relationship between Simon and his wife, Giana.

Why such a big deal? Because he's a Cylon man and she's a human woman! You never, ever see that, the whole rest of the series. It really bothered me all along because of course that's the last bastion of racism, one of "their" men with one of "our" women. Watch tv or movies much? So much of the Cylon story is built like racism, I really wanted to see that last wall broken down, especially with a REAL loving relationship, not some kind of twisted hostage mindgame thing like Leoben and Kara on New Caprica. (Whatever happened there. We didn't see, really. Because of the taboo! I'm saying!)

So that was glorious. That made me so happy! That to me says that the series says as its final word that Cylons truly are people too. 100% people. Which I'd say is kind of the point of The Plan anyway, that all these Cylons let love turn them away from stupidhead One's stupid vendetta hatefest thing.

I would say The Plan is about what wrecked the plan, which is love. It's kind of about a holy war getting derailed by compassion. Isn't that wonderful?

I think my favorite part of all of that was the very end of Brother Cavil hanging around and pestering Sam on Caprica--and incidentally that explains why they got away with their little guerilla camp all that time. Clearly he wanted time for Sam nagging and kept them safe. All that time, Cavil nagged and bothered and kept asking Sam irritating little leading questions and Sam kept brushing him off and giving the normal human answers. And then finally Cavil said something daft about how those people are dead, so they don't matter anymore, and Sam says something like, "Are you crazy? Of course I still love them."

And Cavil figures it out. It almost just happens in passing.

The most fun of course was seeing the backstage scenes for everything we've seen the other side of all this time. Sharon before she wakes up dripping wet. Shelley Godfrey's amazing escape. Leoben living in the walls, falling in love with Kara, getting obsessed and crazier and crazier. SO COOL! Isn't that a dream come true, getting to see all that? I loved it.

I also have to admit I've always been smitten with Simon. He has the kindest eyes ever and the nicest voice. I bet he is an amazing singer. He reminds me of my voice teacher one summer, this Juilliard student teaching at a summer camp where I'd gone for orchestra but ended up in choir when they didn't have enough strings sign up. He had that same rich, resonant, velvety voice.

I am so so happy that Simon finally got an amazing story. He was so neglected the whole series long! I mean, he had pretty much only the one episode, ever. The Farm.

I'm a little confused now about Sharon. If she had the Cylon personality and the human overlay, when Cavil ditched her in a world without elephants, did she just go into the hypnotized personality and stay there? But what about when she downloaded? Do you stay hypnotized when you download? But hypnotized personality didn't know she was a Cylon, whereas Sharon did. Maybe she integrated after blowing up the base star but Cavil ditched her after that.

Oh, sorry. Fussing. Don't mind me. There was a time order thing with Sam and Kara on Caprica that I remember noticing before that still triggered my out of order alarm. NO ONE but me would notice it I'm sure. Obsessive much?

The only things that jarred me were alarming naked body parts that I totally wasn't expecting. Ack! Especially the man parts, but that was partly because the camera did this funky "Ooh!" focus and zoom thing, like it was all excited to see boy bits. That verite camera thing can create a sort of camera person presence when it does things like that. Seriously, that one shot has been bugging me, but most of the time I don't even notice camera activity. It's just the way it focused and zoomed on that that eeked me out.

It was kind of fascinating to see how utterly unappealing all the nekkidness was. Excellent locker room effect, if that was the goal! Instead of the way that movies tend to treat nudity as this kind of soft-focus sexy awesome thing, this was more like, "Ack! Bleah! Naked people!" and you wanted to avert your eyes, like you'd rudely walked in on people getting ready to go to work. Actually the sexytime parts were the same way. I was all, "Whoa, wrong room!" But then again, I can't even watch people smooch in a shampoo commercial, so there you go.

I was startled to see The Plan end so soon despite, er, knowing where it would end, because there's so much more behind the scenes Cylonage going on later. I've been thinking about that all day. Why end there? It's where the actual plan runs out, that must be it. The plan that the Cylons had to eradicate humanity pretty much stopped when they decided to keep Sharon around, right? And Tyrol figured out he was a Cylon not too long after. And although they had the hellish "let's be friends" of New Caprica to live through, nobody was thinking that Cylons were just horrible killer robots anymore.

Well, except Cally.

Wasn't it totally fun to see everyone having cameos? Even when the cameos were old footage? It's so funny how AWESOME that was! I was all, "Hey, there's Cally!" even though a) I hate Cally, b) I have that episode on DVD and could watch it any time I wanted, c) I knew she was walking down that corridor and exactly what she would do. How come that was so cool, then? I do not know! But it totally was.

I was most exited about seeing Socinus. Isn't that funny? But remember how he died on Kobol and how heart-wrenching that was for Chief and all? Socinus!!! Plus he was just a dumb, loyal kid who got caught up in something he didn't understand. Socinus stands for everything that is completely awesome about Battlestar Galactica right there. And that was new Socinus footage, or at least new to me.

I was wondering how much of the footage was unused from the original episodes, come to think of it. Like if there were alternative angles that never got used but were saved. The whole thing seemed like an absolute masterpiece of selecting, writing, and editing the past together with the new material in such a brilliant way that it really feels like it was all shot back then, from the Cylon point of view, and we're only just getting to see it now.

I know I kind of got to see that happen, and even helped out in a teeny tiny way, but I didn't appreciate what a brilliant mosaic it was until I saw it all put together last night. Amazing!

And although I inexplicably forgot to mention it until now, it was funny in that excellent, dry, sideways kind of way, where something is painful but you have to laugh anyway. And there were totally fun little jokes like Doral pointing out that the other Doral's jacket was *burgundy*, not teal. Like, DUH, Cavil! Cavil got most of the funniest lines, and did such a splendid job with them, oh boy!

I didn't even notice the lack of Lucy Lawless and her very jabby elbows until just this moment. Hey!

The Plan gets a hundred out of a hundred. Woohoo! Now I am going to go cry because Battlestar is over. Okay, not really. I imagined I would be hideously sad, but nope! Which just proves something something Battlestar psychodrama something get over it something something else! Yeah!

Congratulations on breaking the wall that almost no cyborg ever breaks, Simon! I can only think of one other case in all of sci-fi, and that's Yod in He, She, and It. Way to go, Battlestar! YOU WIN!!!

It's purely coincidence that four is my favorite number. I swear!

Is this a good time to admit in front of the Lords of Kobol and everyone that I finally admitted to myself yesterday that all I want is to move to Vancouver and work for sci-fi tv? Okay! That!

Not no more!

Y'all missed all the drama because I couldn't tell you because the drama was that I couldn't tell you! Aaaaah! My Mifi totally broke. Very weird. I wrote a bunch of online stuff yesterday and then this thing and was all, "I hereby declare the dawn of a new day! Of awesomeness!" and then went and watched The Plan, and when I came back, Mifi would not work at all, no way, no how, not one tiny bit.

Then I took the battery out and left it all night and in the morning it was just exactly as broken as before. SO SAD!

Also totally panicky because of Online Job for which I need to be ONLINE.

I drove up to Verizon over lunch and the lovely fix-it guy kind of poked it and took the battery out and put it back in and took it out and put it in again some more times and then it magically started working again. Hurray!

I think it just wanted to visit the mothership. Maybe they have a homing instinct kind of thing. You know, that sounds like something you'd build into Cylons, like the Buffybot, the urge to go home when broken. Only Mifi has no legs and no leverage except to cut off my internet. Which worked surprisingly well.

I had to drive like a maniac (aka normal person) amongst all the moseying Mainers. Some days I revert to L.A. and get seriously impatient with the people dawdling down the interstate at 43 because they don't feel like going around the person who is slowing down a mile and a half before their exit. Especially when there's about fifteen cars going 45 because nobody wants to go 55 enough to make the gigantic effort of changing lanes.

SERIOUSLY, Maine. You are trying to give me an aneurysm, I know it.

However, I made it in plenty of time and Mifi is all better now and everything is quite all right. I think that's a miracle. It's a miracle!

Today I forgot my lunch. That doesn't sound like an accomplishment unless you know that I put my lunch bag on the floor in the middle of the little hallway to the back door. So I literally had to step over it in order to forget it. That is pretty amazing if you ask me.

Did I tell you about Door TV? I have Door TV at Day Job! I love it! Sometimes I just sit and watch it, even though no one is going through the door. I have it so I can see who's there when I buzz people up. But the cool part is, it's online. I don't know why that's cooler than some kind of CCTV but it is.

My very favorite cherished Door TV moment so far is when someone awesome got me to buzz them in and waved at the camera and I totally waved back at the monitor, and then when I realized what I'd just done, I laughed myself silly. When he got to my desk I told him and he thought that was excellent as well. Yay! Hee hee hee.

No wonder I'm all shocked when people in tv shows don't recognize me when we meet in reality, huh? I think the screen goes both ways! (Man, they must LOVE watching endless episodes of The Writing Show. "Look, she's writing again! Huh. Ooh, tea!")

I just inhaled a bunch of food due to the no lunch starvation and now I'm pretty much asleep. I did get my Online Job stuff posted while I was out and about, where the Mifi is all speedy and swift, but mostly in case it up and croaked on me again.

Oh, Mifi! I cannot live without you! It's true, I got way more upset having no internet than no electricity and its concomitant no heat. (And no tea. NO TEA! But I had internet, phew.)

Okay so I watched The Plan! And am going to put it in another post! Because it deserves much thought and many words! Okay! But the short version is: AWESOME!