Monday, April 19, 2010

Well, sure, NOW I know

I'm all frantically drinking liquids prior to my midnight cutoff. Nothing after midnight! Never mind that I would not usually consume anything a

Friday, April 9, 2010

La la la la la what could possibly go wrong?

Uh, any doubts about having that surgery got erased today when I got a random ninja gallstone attack thing in the middle of the afternoon. Not right after lunch or anything obvious like that. Nope, just puttering around doing my work and stuff.

Hey, you know that scene in Star Trek Generations where Picard is sitting there looking at the Christmas tree and everything is all gorgeous and peaceful except for the heinous child actors of smarminess and then suddenly everything changes and the smile fades from his face? Like that!

La la la la la something's not right oh my furry blue Lords of Kobol something is very wrong OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW ooooooooh, okay I might not die, oh look, I'm fine.

It's very weird. Like there is nothing at all you can do to make it better. It makes you want to throw up very very much but also have the feeling that that would hurt even more. Um, what else. I got all fiery hot and sweaty and crazy-eyed. And I kept trying to do something to fix it. Stand up! Sit down! Lean back! Nothing helps.

The weirdest part was that it just kind of got over with. Good thing, since I'd left my drugs at home due to not needing them in forever.

Dramatic, huh? That sucked.

I bought some fish and went over to Stately Burns Manor to play with the bunny since she's leaving town tomorrow for a week. Awww! Brother is going to accompany me for the hideously awful test next week, including coming over here at the crack of dawn to drive me to work, so I can work six hours and then have the nice surgeon do the hideously awful test, then hanging out there while I recover from the sedation and the amnesia drugs and whatever, then driving me home and making sure I'm sentient and whatnot. Isn't that dedication? I thought so too!

He gets stuck with babysitting me through the surgery in a couple of weeks too. Awesome!

This test (and another one coming up) will determine whether I'm allowed to have the surgery, or whether it'll make me much worse in a potentially fatal way. See. This is why I needed referrals all over town, which the TERRIBLE FLAKES never sent and the original unreliable medical provider should have ordered back in freaking FEBRUARY. Many reasons I'm mad, see. Many. Mad! And that's not even counting the pain and misery and famine and whatnot.

Though actually the fish has been quite wonderful. Little Julia wanted to try my fish tonight so I gave her some. She ate it up. Haddock for toddlers! I'm a traveling fishmonger show.

She's such a good baby. We had a fun time playing. At one point she randomly crashed into me in her usual full-body slam and surprised me, so I said something like, "Hechda bunnies!" which she then repeated the rest of the evening. Then of course we got her saying "Ja ja hammat" from The Fifth Element. Naturally.

You know she'll just look at you and say "Judgy hippie store" every once in a while, right? Yay! Apparently they were driving by it and my brother said it and she picked it up and of course whenever she says it we burst out laughing, so that's reinforcement.

Ooh, I got a hiking book for all of Maine (which is large) but borrowed the Acadia only one from SBM, so maybe if it's not deluging tomorrow I can go for a stroll over there. We'll see. I'm utterly beat. At SBM all of a sudden I realized I was crashing out and sort of jumped up and left, then discovered a hugely heavy downpour outside, roads flooded and all, river higher than I've ever seen it.

Anyway if it's doing that again tomorrow I might not go hiking in it, that's all. I might go for a regular walk around my area though.

I went to the local bookstore downtown for Friday bookfest today. I think it might be a plan usually, though I seriously doubt they have the YA section I need. I'll have to talk to the nice man about special orders. Like he might be happy to do it once in a while but it might be one of those things that costs a small bookstore a lot of money to do all the time. I mean, if he orders one paperback per week is that going to cost more than it's worth? I need to know before putting him in that position.

I'd rather go there, though. As much fun as it was to talk a mom into buying her tween son The Westing Game last week! We were just chatting and I saw it and got all excited and next thing you know, she's buying it for her son. (I confirmed with my brother what I remembered, which is that he really liked it at that age too. Yep!)

Well. Things are not perfect with the Avocado of DOOM. Owish. I think crashing out is in order. I'll have to write my pages tomorrow. I didn't really get a lunch today what with losing time to medical provider idiocy earlier in the week and lab idiocy this morning, where (of course) the medical provider office hadn't given me the right paperwork (any, actually) so I was stuck there for ages while they called around to find out what to do, so it made me late to work. Ugh!

That practice...they seem to have some really serious capability issues. As in, not being it.

Maybe I should hang around this weekend, come to think of it. As I reread the above it strikes me that the combination of a) being all feeble and famine-stricken, and b) having a nasty gallstone attack thing that still hurts like the dickens (though nothing like the thermonuclear ow from before), and c) planning hikes in the pouring cold rain up unfamiliar mountains an hour from home, well...that might not be the wisest combination ever, is all I'm saying.

What maturity and aplomb to figure this out before someone has to point it out to me! I think I've grown as a person.

Plus I have the 100th Bones to watch (yay!) and a Grey's Anatomy from last week and I'm hoping a new one to download tomorrow too, plus a new Stargate, right? Woohoo!

But mostly I have WRITING to do. Urgh! I'm behind the curve! Must catch up.

What did you think of that quilt, huh? You may admire my cat at will. No really, go ahead. Great big gorgeous blond furry cat! I know! He's such a good-natured being. Also, my favorite quilt ever, so feel free to say nice things about it. I promise I won't mind.