Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Good and bad

Hey! I was just this morning making lists in my head of things I'm good at and bad at, what a coincidence! And by morning I mean afternoon. Cough. Belgian Waffle! Non-working Monkey!

Useful, maybe, but definitely fun.

Bad at:
1. Hiding boredom
2. Kindness to mean people
3. Phones
4. Processing contradictory information
5. Hand sewing
6. Remembering anything
7. That knitting join I can't remember the name of. Kitchener! That. I can't do it, even though I'm a pro at everything else knitterly.
8. Frustration
9. Enduring laugh tracks, stage plays, musicals
10. Sitting still
11. Overcoming neurological BS by sheer force of will and/or denial
12. Getting out of bed or off the couch when cute furry animals are cuddling me
13. Stopping doing anything I'm currently doing
14. Ending a list at 13

Good at:
1. Teaching
2. Encouraging people to awesomeness
3. Training dogs (and cats)
4. Pioneer stuff like making everything from scratch
5. Gardening, plants, making orchids bloom in February in Maine, etc.
6. Living on almost zero money
7. Sewing, knitting, that sort of thing
8. Focusing
9. Knowing what animals, children, college students mean when they're not saying it
10. Musical instruments, all of them, except piano and guitar
11. Writing, in the sense that I'll do it all day long and later like what it says
12. Moving long distances
13. Helping
14. Making soup and bread

I should include eating all the cheese and drinking all the tea/liquor in the good list, but I think that more or less goes without saying.

I swear I'll get around to editing and re-posting those 14,000 posts (or whatever) as soon as I've solved some other pressing issues. And then I'll be all fully integrated and all good things will blossom anew. Or something. Yeah!