Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bunnies bunnies bunnies

I confess. I bought another bunny today. I am helpless! Helpless in the face of cute fuzzy stuffed bunnies!

What happens is: I look at them and they're so cuddly and adorable, and then I pick one up, and then I CAN'T PUT IT BACK because that would be SO SAD.

I have a bunny problem. I am aware.

So I have three jobs at the moment and I'm actually all caught up as of...NOW. Right now. I won't be for long, though. And there's a huge snowstorm coming (or maybe not) so I may have trouble getting online tomorrow to do two of them. Ack!

I had this anxiety while walking around the grocery store. It was about putting two and two together over something that happened Friday, something related to my responsibilities. So I called my boss. On a Sunday. Meaning to leave a message, but either she was at work or it was her cell phone, not sure which. Eep!

I meant to leave the message because it's not like URGENT like I left a space heater on or something. So anyway I maybe seemed like a panicky loon but oh well, my conscience is at rest.

And then I had to put on Sarah Vowell's The Wordy Shipmates in the car to take my mind off it. How come I haven't listened to that yet? Puritans, that's why. Ugh, I dislike those people. Roundheads and Cromwell and smashers of things. Not to mention colonialism and smallpox and genocide and religiosity. Ick.

But, Sarah Vowell! So excellent. And she reads her book herself which makes it umpteen times more excellent still.

So anyway there's all my worky work all caught up and called up and set up and dealt with and managed. OH MAN.

I have three jobs for three weeks. Then two again. Then I think one for a week? Then two again. Or more, depending on what they need.

Did I tell you I spent an hour on the phone with a nice guy named William at tech support for Online Job last weekend? He had to fix my wagon so I could do this gateway thing which allowed me to keep on being employed. Only I guess pretty much nobody else did it which is why I have three jobs. Yay! Thanks, William!

I got all this food. I hate to buy food the day before a huge storm because the stores are packed. BUT. This is a very poor county. And the EBT (food stamp) systems in PA are down right now for a big changeover. No poor people can go to the store. It was empty. I know! That is seriously messed up.

I was in an anxiety-induced OCD fit by the time I got to the checkout, so I laid out all my stuff in neatly aligned blocks and rows, organized by type of thing, with all the labels lined up. Like four cottage cheeses in a block next to four yogurts in a block. Six cans of peaches all in a row with three refried beanses behind them.

The checkout guy was like, "Huh!" and I had to say, "Yeah, I had a little OCD festival," and he said, "I like it! Makes it so much easier to pack." Which is true! Yay!

The girl at Kmart was hilariously organized and OCD about packing my bag, too, actually. I had brought a big squarish reusable bag so she did this awesome thing where she eyed my stuff and then packed it in *exactly* the best possible way, flat things along the longest side, vertical things right up to the top of the bag, everything like a 3D puzzle. I was in awe!

I got a knee brace with reinforcing bars or something down the sides. It feels great. And, I don't know, stuff like cat litter and laundry detergent and a glass water bottle with purple rubber pants on it. Some gloves without giant holes in them like all of mine have.

Actually on the way out the house I wanted gloves I wouldn't be embarrassed to wear in public but the best I could do was one blue knit glove and one black knit glove with glow in the dark skeleton bones on the back. Thus the purchase of the gloves. Incredibly cheap on sale end of season etc.

Oh and chocolate bunnies.

I spent a long time eyeing the recumbent bikes and treadmills and things, but then my knee said, "Remember me? Remember how much I frelling hurt? Yeah, keep on looking at that exercise equipment."

So anyway.

This morning some odd thing caught my eye out the bedroom window: little figures in black on the roof of the house across the street. Closer examination revealed it to be little Johnny and Matthew, barefoot, on the roof of the addition to the house. I happen to know their parents are out of town. But their oldest brother Mark Jr. was over there and the next oldest, Daniel, slouched behind his beloved buggy and out of sight when he saw me at the end of our driveway, watching them in mild terror.

Well, I was worried they'd fall off the roof, obviously. Their sisters would have made them stop but they were probably cooking or off visiting. And eldest brother was busy and didn't notice, I'm sure.

It's impossible to see barefoot little boys in suspenders and straw hats without thinking of Huck Finn, isn't it?

Man, they are so busted once their mom talks to my mom. Hoo, boy. Especially Daniel, who KNOWS BETTER.

I was trying to think of the German for "Get off that roof, you little maniacs, before you break your necks," but Hochdeutsch wouldn't really work with their dialect.

I go into this kind of language recall fugue state pause mode when trying to recall words I've learned but haven't used in twenty years and have filed in some dusty part of my brain, along with all those Journey lyrics and those ever so useful memories about which trees look different and how exactly they've changed.

I would doubt they'd use herunter in their dialect. I can only pick out two or three words in ten. It's very slurred and abbreviated and nasalized and the soft ch turns hard sometimes but not always. In fact it sounds quite a lot like Dutch.

A restaurant nearby advertises "Nouveau Dutchy Cuisine" on the radio, which always gives me pause. Dutchy meaning Pennsylvania Dutch meaning of German origin. Nouveau Dutchy Cuisine. Man!

You guys, I really screwed up my knee. I'm not even sure how. Trying to stand up in a too-narrow skirt? Dog stepping on the top of my kneecap and shoving it down? (That was excruciating. I screamed.) Falling down one of the many times I fell down? Sliding around on the icy mud up in the woods last weekend? Shoveling snow? Stepping in a gnome hole?

I can NOT stop saying gnomes when I mean moles. Completely by accident! I see the molehills and say gnomehills. And mole holes are gnome holes. I'm all, "These gnomes have dug up the lawn!" Dude, no. It was not gnomes. It was definitely moles.

I really have to get a picture of the anthill that looks like a giant Chewbacca head sticking out of the ground.

Dog and I went and played happily by the creek at the bunny bridge, where I organized more drainage. The place is a sodden morass. You can't even walk on it to get to the bridge. I'm putting in a causeway but making some drainage ditches with a stick was a really good time. I LOVE doing that! And my dog loves it when I mess around out there. To him, that's the most natural thing in the world. That and walking in the woods are our favorite things.

Oh! I've broadened my obsession with RVs and those silver Airstream trailers to include log cabins, turf houses, treehouses, and houses made from train cars. Oh man! Obsessed. I tell you. Like, land plus ingenuity = home! Land costs a lot of money. And I have very little money. But thinking about it makes me happy. Building an interesting and inexpensive house, I mean, not money.

I'm learning about all the endless permits and checks and inspections. And my shoulders are killing me in addition to my left knee and my right foot and lower back and oh yeah arthritis and asthma. BUT. Perseverance we got! By the truckload! Also power tools and a WB Mill Store measuring tape (25 feet!) and that excellent ability not to know how impossible things are. Hurray!

I have no idea what I did to piss my shoulders off. Seriously, dude.

Did you know they have incinerating toilets? Gosh! Poo ash? And composting toilets, of course. I like thinking about those fancy filigreed flat-topped iron woodstoves you can cook on. I have all these bucolic fantasies about late day sun and tall grass and breezes, but fewer about mud and snakes and rain and wet dogs in small spaces. Ha ha!

Still, though, those Airstreams. Mmm, mmm.

I love the train cars, too. They're high up, have their own electrical systems in place, have lots of windows and are very solid. VERY solid. Imagine a group of them circled like wagons, huh? You could put hallways or breezeways between them and run around the house in a circle. And the inside of the circle of train cars would be a great shady garden area.

I'm in, as long as there's electricity and hot water and a good bathtub. And I can have a great garden nearby.

Right, sleep! Yes! I'm home (but not off!) tomorrow but expecting a gigantic snowstorm, or possibly not, I guess? Anyway I'm ready-ish! Raaarrrr!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Run run run!

Not literally. I value my knees. But figuratively, oh man! Running like a running thing.

I am all caught up as of this moment. I had a heinous huge thing to do for Online Job but terrible tech issues with completing it. Including my favorite, clicking buttons on websites that do nothing. I could go on all day about this disastrous thing...but I won't. If we're lucky. I spent about four hours on it. Maybe more like five, including all the time I was on the phone with tech support.

Anyway the issue turned out to be: LATENCY. The satellite internet puts a delay into blah blah and so it uses an old version of the screen blah blah? and then you get the same thing back again even though blah! I know! What the flaming heck?

Latency. I really like that word. It makes me think of latent abilities which makes me think aaaaaaaah! I have to get going on stuff!

Really everything can come around to not living up to my potential if I let it. Heh heh.

I told tech guy I wanted to install him in my head, because I kept getting all frustrated with how slow everything was loading and he'd go, "Easy, now, it's okay. It just takes time." I love that. Really, spending that much time on the phone with someone I don't know and bonding over tech issues made him seem like my invisible Marine or something. I want an invisible Nerd Whisperer too! Yes!

Then I took Gawain Dog on a big long hike up the mountain as a reward for being so utterly patient with me for so long. We had a great hike. He does this awesome thing when we're crossing creeks. He looks at where I'm crossing, thinks about it, eyes my stepping stones, then goes and finds a narrower spot and jumps over the creek that way.

He is doing dog math, I tell you what. He judges the distance, knows his own jumping ability, weighs that against the odds of getting wet paws (which he hates) from using stepping stones, and makes his decision that way. How great is that? Sometimes he does use my stepping stones, if odds are in their favor. My dog is so cool.

Also I'm reminded again how much we LOVE hiking in the woods. We love it! Snow, mud, rain, don't care. It's our favorite thing to do, next to sleeping and eating. So we have to go a lot more. A LOT more.

I'm in this odd zone where I'm sort of living on fruit and cheese and vegetables and also vegetable soup. I can't really think why that would be a bad thing. At any given moment, that's what I would want to eat. So. Well, I guess that's fine, then, eh?

I'm working REALLY HARD at not eating forbidden food, though since we get it for free about once a week at work, it's really hard to say no to it. I don't know why. It's a failure to consider consequences. Must say no next time!

Yes. The forbidden food has really truly screwed me up the last few weeks. It's illegal stuff like Chinese food, pizza, and some fabulous mushroom ravioli. Mmmmm! The red sauce and the Chinese food hit me the worst as far as allergicality. I've barely gone a day without hives in the past two weeks. And barely a day without benadryl. Benadryl makes me all murky and weird and puffy and miserable.

The whole thing is perfectly idiotic. All this inflammation is bad for every possible system. And I feel terrible. Yet this morning I could not refuse a hot cross bun. Woe! Grrrrrr.

I will JUST SAY NO THANK YOU next time. I will. I promise. One day at a time and whatnot. I'm going back to my old self-bribery of rewarding myself for going a whole week without illegal food. Though at this point I should start with rewarding myself for going a whole day. Gosh!

Sigh, huh?

Well anyway. I've got Brave on the dvd player and some knitting ready at hand. I'm going to knit things and watch that movie. I betcha tomorrow I'll have my bow out!

I helped my mom clean out this dire closet yesterday and wound up acquiring some strange items.

One of course is this cedar chest she has tried to give me many times over the years but then has always balked at letting go of for no clear reason. Like it would come time for me to take it and the decision would be reversed.

Another thing is a metal carrying case for mortar shells, I guess? Or RPG shells? Which my brother used to bring them a bottle of wine once because it's exactly the right size and shape. My first thought was it would be great for crossbow bolts. I mean, I don't have any. Or a crossbow. But you know. Just in case! It's too short for my real arrows. Anyway it was too cool to pass up.

What else? A tripod. Some of my old cello and piano music. I can't think what else. That might be it. Oh, nope, some wooden pants hangers that sort of clamp onto your hems and hang the pants straight. I have pants now so I'm using them.

Pants! I do! I have the following: soft brushed cotton trousers in deep purple, khaki, dark chocolate brown, and bright red. Except it turns out the red ones are a different cut and don't fit. But that's okay! I only need to dress up four days a week and one is jeans day. Hurray!

It's just impractical to wear my beloved skirts with all the bending and kneeling I have to do. So thank goodness for a massive sale so I got excellent pants for $5 or $6. Well, maybe not excellent. But good for now.

I got past the pants hurdle, you guys! How great is that?

I also have purchased an ITEM with a PATTERN. Which if you have ever seen me in your life you know is practically impossible for me to do. I mean I have some skirts with mild patterns, like brown on darker brown, or white ponies embroidered on black. But I got a stripey shirt! Yes! A knit top with a whole set of various stripes!

It's fascinating to me how disquieting I find the stripey shirt. Even the pink shirt (yes) is not as disturbing. Pink! Me! Stripey shirt, man.

Not that I've worn it yet. I just eye it warily in the closet as I go past.

The shirts were down to $3. I love it when prices drop to something I consider reasonable. I am so tight with money these days. Hence the issue with the free food, I think.

Oooh, and I paid a mountain of bills. In fact two are utterly paid off. These are all still leftover medical bills from Maine, things that weren't covered like labwork and various tests and all that kind of thing. And dentistry. I'm paying them off gradually. It's awfully satisfying to watch the numbers go down in Quicken. Remember when I couldn't even face thinking about them or looking at them at all? Hurray for functionality and coping with the basic exigencies of existence!

All that time with the tech guy counts as coping with the basic exigencies of existence, too, actually. I started trying to do the thing he helped me with, ooh, a month ago? And I was in danger of losing my place if I didn't get it done. Never mind that I'd been trying. So dealing with that is fantastic.

I have to cope with taxes soon, too. Ooooof. And taking the animals to get their shots. And fixing whatever has gone wrong with the possibly rusted out exhaust system on the car. Maybe it's just the pipe that leads to the mufflers. It sounds that way, anyway. We'll see.

You guys! I lead an incredibly boring life! But so busy busy busy with all the work work work! Double jobs and a longish commute! Dogs and cats! Things to do! Complicated food issues! I'm hoping to get the less interesting parts to fade a bit into the background of the great and fun things that I'd like to get to spend more time on, know what I mean? Yes!

Meanwhile, Brave and knitting. It is a PLAN.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Oh boy, I love how heroic Harry Potter is. The character and the whole series. It's all full of nobility of spirit and being kind to weirdos and meanies and people you don't like. And doing the right thing and surviving really bad experiences and trusting the people you trust even when everyone is telling you to be selfish instead.

Also I like how Daniel Radcliffe is so short so that all the adults are taller than he is, even though he's an adult too, really. And I LOVE watching those kids grow up through the movies. That is just amazingly cool. At first the 19 years later tag bothered me but now I love it. Seeing their kids.

I'm sure I'm late to this idea, but there must have been some interesting casting conversations going on to make Harry's father look absolutely nothing like Harry in the movie. Odd, no? When he looks quite a lot like Snape, actually. And having the same little girl play young Lily and his daughter. Isn't she named Lily too?

Watching the last two movies again I'm really struck by the Malfoys, how they changed, how terrified Lucius is, how having their son in danger changed everything for them, and how that changed the whole end of the story.

So good! So interesting! Food for thought. Mmmmm, thought food.

Lately I seem to be living on fruit and dairy products and nuts, with that fabulous oatmeal in the morning, made with pecans and almond milk. OH BOY. And of course horrible Easter candy and lots of tea. I have all these vegetables in the freezer (lest they perish untimely) but all I want is fruit and yogurt and cottage cheese and cheese cheese and figs and dates and apples, bananas, apricots, pears, peaches, pistachios, almonds, pecans, mmmmm.

I'm not sure what's up with that but it doesn't seem to be doing me any harm.

Try making oatmeal using almond milk for the liquid! Seriously. Okay, here's how: in the rice cooker put two parts almond milk to one part dry oats, with chopped pecans and dates in whatever quantity you see fit, plus cinnamon. But add more almond milk if you add a lot of nuts and dates. You can use the terrible dried up dates for this. But if you don't chop them up, they'll look quite a lot like the cat pooped in your oatmeal. Just FYI. So turn the rice cooker on, and smell the deliciousness, and then you won't even need sugar because dates are wicked sweet.

Yum. It takes (me) forever to eat oatmeal with nuts in it, so it fills me up. And not having sugar other than what's in the dates is awesome.

Right now the Amish youth of today is across the street playing volleyball by lantern light in a light snow. It's odd to see from here because it's mostly distant skinny black silhouettes jumping around. Mostly boys. The girls scared the bejeebus out of me this morning because apparently on church day they wear these great big floor length starched white handkerchief linen aprons and white caps, but from this distance, I couldn't see the rest of them, so there were, you know, big white things flitting across the yard in the distance.

It's their turn across the street to host church, which is a giant party day, really. So many buggies! So many horses! That's what got my attention, the unusual horses getting put into the regular horse pasture and all of them jumping around and being all excited. Well, the dog noticed it and barked, and that's when I noticed it. And the ghosty girls.

My eyes are so crazy sharp now! And, like, wide open. Like you know how actors have these big circle eyes? Look at Torchwood and look at Eve Miles' eyes. Big circular irises all visible. In real life people don't seem to have their eyes all big circles wide open like that. Except me lately! Wowza!

Also my new purple jeans are literally falling off. That ALWAYS happens. Buy new pants. Immediately lose weight such that they fall off. On the plus side, they're not too short now that they're hanging off me. I love my purple jeans! They are deep eggplant. On the sale rack at Kmart!

What else? I'm not too hot for once. I've been too hot for months. Thermally. Though of course a complete knockout, that goes without saying! Heh.

And I got attacked by one of those frakking rosebushes today so I have a line of rips down the right back of my neck. I hate those things! Seriously, I went past it and must have bumped it somehow, or else it really was possessed of an independent vindictiveness, because it reached out a long arm and grabbed my head, and when I pulled away, that just pulled it closer, and when it stuck in my neck and I pulled, each thorn stuck and broke off, but not before pulling that arm/vine/branch closer and sticking more thorns in me.

Ouch. I got my mom to look and see if I'd gotten all the thorns out. I hate those roses! That's just vicious, sneaking up behind me like that! I'm going out there with my clippers, see if I don't. Vengeance! I will not be stalked and stabbed by cowardly plants!

Gawain and I walked around the field and then decided to strike off cross-country, to visit the pond from a side I haven't tried for ooooooh, fifteen years? More? I got stabbed by more stupid roses, of course, but we got to walk around and on the pond. It doesn't have much water in it, just a puddle at one end, but it's pretty wet everywhere, which means frozen four inches off the ground right now. Like a layer of ice in the ground. So walking on it meant crunching down through into mud with each step.

Oh, the lantern is out. No more volleyball for you! Look out when driving through the valley tomorrow. On church days the roads are heavily mined by the horses. Sometimes on those days my mom comes home from church and parks in the garage and when you go out there, the horse smell will knock you flat.

Living in the sticks: very smelly. And kind of gross.

Today since I got to wear my purple jeans I decided to wear my lavender shirt and my socks that are purple and lavender argyle with white bunny heads on every other purple square. And my old dark blue hoodie that got so bleached out from hiking Mt. Hollywood and environs that it's now pretty much faded to purple. All purple today! No reason. Just felt like it.

And then I did all the ironing. And all the laundry. And I pulled up the giant black plastic tarps or whatever that the loggers left from next door and put them out for the trash. Ten years later. And changed the litter, which is ridiculously hard in this setup. And changed the sheets and washed the comforter. That headache seems to be gone, too. Yay!

I hope I can sleep properly tonight because last night, oh man, I did not. I didn't have nightmares though, phew, but very vivid and interesting dreams. I did startle awake a couple of times just as I was falling asleep, thinking I heard loud noises. A ringing phone, a doorbell, a crash. But the dog did not hear them, so I figured they weren't real. Always in my left ear. Then I learned that this is a withdrawal side effect (or just effect, I guess) and that it's called "exploding head syndrome," which is just the best name ever, because often people feel like the sounds are coming from inside their heads and they often hear explosions.

I will settle for "imaginary telephone and doorbell syndrome" because hearing explosions coming from inside your head sounds HORRIBLE. Anyway I have the dog for reality check so I'm fine. He is much more likely to bark at nothing than not to bark at something. If you see what I mean.

Also just as I was starting to drift off my mom opened her bedroom door and hollered out, "All my lights just went off!" This is around midnight. So I hollered back, "All the lamps at once, or just one?" And she went to look, and no, it was just a loose light bulb. So she hollered back, "Thanks for fixing my lights!" Anyway I had just stopped the second to last Harry Potter movie right before it got SUPER SCARY, at the Lovegoods' wacky house, so I'm thinking maybe the startle response and nightmares maybe had some SOURCES.

Apparently I am now ALL FULL OF WORDS, too. I do get super hyper and jittery when I've been awake for a couple of hours, like, can't hold a spoon and get it into my mouth, that jittery, but taking the regular meds settles that right down. I would love to get off them, too. But, you know. One thing at a time, don't do it without doctor supervision, hello, obviously still need them, blah blah.

I'm supposed to stop taking the one I stopped taking. I'm not supposed to stop taking the one I didn't stop taking. I am doing it right. Good girl!

And with that, I'm off to do some other stuff. Whee!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Give me your eyes

Wait, no! Don't! I just keep thinking of Adama saying that to a roomful of Viper pilots and Starbuck looking up finally. Why that image is bouncing around in my head today: because I decided to knock off the emergency anxiety pills and lo! I can see a lot better today.

Why? No idea. I also have an excruciating headache and had ridiculous nightmares last night, but so what?

Hurray! First night over. Win!

You're not really supposed to keep on taking those on an extended basis. It needed to happen. And I have a three day weekend, so last night was TIME.

Gosh, I also just read The Madness Underneath so if you have read it (it came out Tuesday, so not likely) you know the thing about the muddling snack foods. I don't know. I dislike muddle. I want to see clearly. I don't want to be drugged into submission or whatever to get through xyz. Something about that feels like rohypnol or something. Know what I mean?

Don't drug yourself into it. Change what you're doing. Right? Something? Yes?

I did not realize rohypnol was a benzodiazepine, which is the type of medication I just stopped taking. Aiiiieeeeee! More similar than I thought! I always feel like stopping it is like someone taking the mute off my brains. Also, taking it has some unpleasant side effects. I do not enjoy those.


I'm coping. Cope cope! I got the great big whacking difficult part of Online Job done by noon today, hurray for me!

Things really do look much clearer and brighter and have sharper focus and all that. Guh.

What else is going on? I'm waffling anxiously about going to L.A. to meet up with the lovely Sumara, but not because of anxiety so much as not knowing where I'll be then, so how on earth do I get a plane ticket now? See what I mean?

I have high hopes of moving you-know-where but don't know when. However, due to working two jobs for a while now, I'm getting into a much better position to have a measure of control over my future. Boy is that a great feeling. If you don't take the utter exhaustion into account. Ha ha.

Oh boy, The Madness Underneath is fantastic and totally throws you for a huge loop by the end. I won't say, but it's terrific and well worth a read. I would recommend re-reading (or reading) The Name of the Star first, though. It was the first bookless book I ever bought and I'm totally hooked. Look, I don't have to move it! It's on the computer! But I do actually own a hard copy of it, in a box in Maine.

Goodness, the little kids across the street are all bustling around, cleaning up the yard and sweeping the steps and doing chore after chore, all little black cloaks and bonnets and coats flapping in the wind. Makes me want to go out and do yard work of some sort.

Speaking of which, in the classic Enchanted Forest be-cursed waterworks way, the sump pump in the basement has broken so you have to turn it on and off manually at least twice a day or the well it's in fills up. And the septic tank seems to have fallen in on itself or something. At least there's a big caved in part of the lawn right there and a terrible smell outside when anyone does laundry. Dear oh dear. This place and water!

You can even smell it over the usual miasma of cow and horse and chickens from across the street, not to mention lots of woodsmoke (thank you for that, says my asthma) and of course the outdoor fire where they burn the offal from the slaughtering they do over there. They do that last thing in the evening, at least. The turkey feathers after Thanksgiving were horrible. Burning feathers: possibly the worst smell ever.

In sum, let's think about that move!

Logistics: go to Maine, visit little bunnies, rent truck, fill up truck, put car on car trailer, drive back here, fill up truck the rest of the way, drive west. I know the way! It's a recurring theme.

Pre-logistics logistics: Necessarily: get a boatload of money to pay for all that and renting housing. Probably: fly out and rent housing before going so I don't get all de-marbled again. Ideally: do that on the same trip to visit with Sumara and everyone in L.A. Wouldn't that be ideal? I KNOW.

This list of possible side effects of withdrawal is hilarious. I mean, not really. But kind of. I especially like "Urges to shout, throw things, break things or to harm someone." I mean, depending on your current situation, you might feel like that on a daily basis. Plus, what if you're, like, a pitcher, and your daily job is to throw things? Or an ear piercer or phlebotomist and your job harms someone in the course of doing it right? Or a drum major, and you have to shout? An omelet maker! You must break things! I know!

But I was taking a tiny dose, so I'm not that worried. I mean, it was a dose smaller than which they do not come, see. Hey, weight loss is a possible side effect! I'll take that.

Terrible good news: I found those horribly delicious awful hard-coated marshmallow eggs in a CVS. The ones that are pretty much corn syrup and food coloring. And I'm eating them. Don't even say it! I know! They are the WORST. And I love them so. The young person at the checkout said they only got the (ahem cough smallish number) of bags I bought (all of them) (okay, FOUR, but they are only 1/3 full and weigh 7 oz per bag) so there won't be any more. I was like, "Oh no! I mean, yay!"

Maybe it'll help with the headache? Or make it worse! Yay! I mean, oh no!

I'm gonna take the puppy out and get the mail. And mess around in the yard. And then possibly have a nap. This weekend is going to be so fun! Seriously! And my sister et al. are coming to visit Friday so that's exciting. Mr. Puppy is going to love having another dog to play with, oh boy! Even if the other dog is so tall, my dog can walk right under him.

I have all this awesome food. Fruit and cottage cheese and Greek yogurt and those fabulous medjool dates in the square plastic box with the red around the edge. And massive organic figs that were $1/bag at the Amish store because they were outdated or something. And big round boxes of Irish oatmeal, ditto. Oh man! And chopped pecans to put in my oatmeal which makes it oh so good and filling. And some cheese. And all kinds of veg.

Am so excited about all this perfectly normal food! Must go to store more often than pretty much never!

I might have to go eat something right now. Mmmm. Lunch!