Monday, April 13, 2015

Imagine the tulips

I'm unable to fathom why my ipad no longer updates itself with every picture I take on my phone. Do the thing! Do the thing the way you used to do! I'm sure I told it not to somehow, but how? 

Anyway I went with my new buddy to see a bazillion tulips on Saturday! Awesome! Imagine all the tulips here!


more tulips

windmills and wooden shoes

lots more tulips

tulips all the way to the horizon because we were at the bottom of a slope

lines of tulips converging in the distance


It was totally fun. Oh we went to the library book sale first and acquired many books for very little money! Awesome! Then the tulip place was glorious, all windy and the sky full of those big dramatic clouds, but it didn't rain, then it got sunny and how interesting is that how different the colors look in cloudy conditions versus sunny? So cool!

We had a blast. And ate fair food! I love the fair food. Give me a wurst and some fried dough any day!

The wurst was hilarious because it's advertised even on the website as "Dutch sausage," to which I said, "What the heck is Dutch sausage?" and mulled the whole way there over all of the various weird epithets that are described as Dutch. Talk to you like a Dutch aunt, go Dutch, Dutch chocolate, something about a Dutch uncle? I don't know, I was unable to graph a common theme.

Dutch sausage turns out to be bratwurst. Ha! I think that's hilarious. Like it actually said bratwurst on the sign, below Dutch sausage.

Eh, it's all wurst. An actual saying but in German. I kind of forget what it means, though. Like, it doesn't matter to me, I think is the gist of it. Es ist mir Wurst. 

I'm on my lunch break. I did not have wurst. But there is some chicken sausage in the freezer.

Oh! I tackled all the gnarly awful tasks and now I feel a lot better. 

Gnarly awful tasks: a history

1. cat barfed up a hairball, gross. Cleaned up with a plastic spackling implement. Gross!
2. sorted out finances after last week's dentist visit. This cannot go on! I need different anxiety meds. Not actually gross but really awful and unacceptable and distressing.
3. faced down the pears that are going to the dark side. I needed an apple that was underneath. Gross! Why so easily turned to evil, pears? The force is weak with you.
4. gave the dog his heartworm/flea pill. Usually he just eats it up but this time he was like, "I'd prefer it with peanut butter on it, waiter," so I stuck it to a cracker with peanut butter. Gross!
5. gave the cat his flea treatment, which he hates so much, and who can blame him? It's like oily goo stuck between his shoulderblades. He is half woebegone and half murderous because of it. Gross!

What else? I think that's it. UGH. Yucky.

Apparently a large dose of calcium can totally cause a depressive episode, but I think it yesterday's awful stupid terrible day-long depressive state was more to do with talking out some ugly past stuff with new buddy B. (we talked all day long--so great!) and hearing about all of her stuff (ouch, plus I'm like Betazoid with the empathy so it knocks me flat) and most of all to do with NOT DEALING WITH THE GNARLY AWFUL TASKS.

It's silly because I DID do tremendously large tasks yesterday. A history:

1. mowed the grass until the gas ran out
2. changed the oil in the mower, poorly, meaning it got everywhere
3. was flooded with massive amazing memories all having to do with warm motor oil on my hands, which sounds funny but is totally true
4. filled up the oil and gas
5. mowed the rest of the lawn, even the front, dang
6. cleaned up the Exxon Valdez by the shed
7. left the mayonnaise jar full of dirty motor oil sitting there on the walk because I don't know what to do with it (but I will find out)
8. raked up all the grass, much harder and took longer than mowing
9. oh, actually before I mowed, and while I was raking, because the tall grass hid half of it: poop patrol
10. edged and weeded a lot

I know, isn't that a lot? It took me four &*$&^%^*#( hours at least. Maybe longer. And the whole time I was stomping around unwilling, with a big black cloud over my head.

But here's the thing: that's okay. It's okay to have a terrible day and feel awful. It happens! It's fabulously awesome that I did all my jobs anyway. Yay! Go me!

I also read Gabi, A Girl in Pieces yesterday, mostly in the evening after my (futile) lavender bath of attempted depression eradication. And I ate a bunch of my Avengers Doritos! It did not help. Well, it might have helped. 

It's flipping cold in here. The poor dog crawled under a mound of comforter under my desk, on the dog bed, with just his little nose peeking out. So I checked the office thermometer and it was 55 degrees. I don't notice it because I'm standing up at my desk! 

Now he's on the arm and back of the couch, looking out at the rainy park like an illustration of thwarted longing. 

Things I have yet to do: a future history:

1. the rest of the dishes, though I did a mountain of them Saturday even though I was exhausted from the tulip fiesta
2. oh, the usual vacuuming and whatever that I never do
3. make pizza (What kind of slacker slacks off on making pizza? Slacker!)
4. plant all these plants. Probably not going to do it in the rain, though.
5. dig up a lot more lawn for garden. A LOT. It's such hard work. Busting sod. Thor noises!

Oh I also failed to remember to call my brother on time on his birthday (Saturday) because I was out and about and it's three hours later there. Since I did the same exact thing on my sister's birthday, I win the bad sibling of the year award. Woe! I'm good about sending presents on time, though. Oh and neither of them has called me back, despite multiple calls from me, which makes me woeful.

Eh, there's another huge project I have to do. And I have to find a therapist person. And a new psychiatrist who won't play solitaire while not listening to me. And won't tell me to go out and get into a relationship before May, like that's even within the realm of possibility. In other words, a new one who pays attention, actually grasps the situation, and isn't dismissive of the facts.

I wish the Outback had an engine I could actually do stuff with. It's too cramped in there and the car is too low down to get underneath. Also my jack stands are in Pennsylvania, not that I'd get under a car that was on jack stands, since I have a strong desire not to be crushed to death. Point being, it's no fun to work on. Even changing the air filter is flipping impossible because of the stupid plastic thing that doesn't fit back in right. Even the oil change guys are all cussing and trying to mash it back into place, and they do this all day long.

I'm all proud of myself for remembering to take the teeny air filter out of the mower before tipping it to get the oil out. And for using the drain nut instead of turning it upside down like some people's mothers think you have to do. (Ahem.) Not so much for slicing my thumb open painfully on the extremely sharp threads of the drain nut, though. Or for getting that oil absolutely everywhere. Like, hilariously everywhere.

Anyway. It's super cold. Maybe I'll bake a cake! And I need to eat something besides bean burritos, which, with the occasional wurst, have constituted my diet lately. I mean--not exclusively. I eat a bowl of veg all the time, or a baked sweet potato, plus fruit, and of course oatmeal with apple for breakfast. But most main meals have been refried beans on a tortilla with salsa verde for aaaaaaaages. Because I've been laaaaaaaaaazy. Also saaaaaaaaving moneeeeeeeeey. It's a cheap way to eat, that's for sure! And oh so good. But I think the end of the era is coming up fast here. 

Oh! I forgot the other major sucky thing. The big park has suddenly put up all these signs saying NO DOGS IN FIELD, like, absolutely everywhere. It's for a good reason, ground nesting birds, but it makes the whole place a) very unfriendly and b) very very very limited in where we can walk now. And we have to stick to paved paths, which hurt my feet, and leashes, which are a pain for both of us. So it kind of feels like my major source of daily awesomeness got taken away. did. Ugh! I don't know what to do about that.

We can still walk along the river paths, I guess. Grrr, it makes me all grim. Variation is kind of essential for getting me to keep on doing it. I've been cutting way back on the walks because it's so difficult to figure out where we can actually go for long enough, with all of our usual routes cut off. Such a big loss of glorious adventure in our daily lives! 

Time for more tea. Tea usually helps. More tea!

Friday, April 10, 2015


My dog is agitating to go to the dog park, but I have a fresh cup of tea! I can't walk away from a fresh cup of tea. That's just not possible.

Actually I did it yesterday, but that's because I made it too late to have time to drink it before going to the dentist. I was five minutes late as it was. Not cool! Why do I make these appointments first thing in the morning?

Actually...I'm going to change that right now. I'm going to make them last thing in the day, so that a) I don't have to get up so dang early, b) I won't have to miss work, and c) I won't rampage about the town having amazing adventures with alarming price tags.

That's from the anxiety meds. They kind of reduce my inhibitions in a shopping kind of way. Remember the couch? The accidental couch? Yes. The accidental bench! The loot from the resale store! Well, this time it was two bags of books from the Friends of the Library store. Awesome books, truly! Gardening, knitting, who even knows what else, because until about an hour ago I had forgotten it happened.

Yes, I go around doing all this stuff and then have no memory of it. Like I put all the books away in the right places. I'm not sure what I did with the two tote bags I had to buy to carry the books home.

It looks like I got an actual ton of quilting and knitting books. Wow! I do remember one excellent one with Icelandic sweaters in it. And a Rowan book. I don't know what all the rest of that is, though.

Go ahead propose a solution. I've already thought of it! Bring one check. Sure, except I'd just be able to go home and get the wherewithal to go right back out and shop again.

I think it's awesome that I go entirely for second-hand at times like this. The furniture store is all resale. The library sells donated books. It's like even in my altered state I'm as cheap as can be.

I can't do math or write at these times. I suppose I shouldn't be out at all, but I have to *get* there, and I can't drive, and all of these places are easy walking distance. I really thought planning to go to the library was genius. I could check out all the books I wanted for free! Ha ha.

So that is dentistry. Mortal terror, lots of drugs, uninhibited (but still cheap) shopping, falling asleep, and then feeling terrible for two days. Not from the anxiety meds. From the novocaine or whatever it is.

I just ate my chocolate Easter bunny finally. Mmmm! Good bunny.

One of my moments of sheer terror in nursery school (true story) was when they made us go around the room and say what we got for Easter. I don't know what on earth they were thinking there. Anyway at the time we did not do Easter candy at all. We got eggs, with an excellent egg hunt around the living room headed by The Easter Spaniel, our dog Charlie. The story was: he always knew where they were because he hid them, see? Not because he could sniff them out.


I didn't want to say "we don't do that" in that circle of three year olds so when my time came I made up something about "a giant chocolate bunny this big" and held my arms out. Nobody cared. It was all terror on my part and indifference all around, though some girl said I was lying because they don't come that big.

Which is true.

Well, they probably do now.

Adventure! I'm actively avoiding adventure at the moment due to feeling TERRIBLE, see above. Normally I'd be out walking 3-4 miles right about now. Nope!

I overdid it last weekend. Did I tell you about my Coastal Adventure? No???

First we drove through my very favorite landscape in the whole world, just west of here. Look, that's where I want to live! That hill or one like it!

We stopped at the awesome slough where all the birds go. Once I get binoculars you will find me here ogling the aviaries. It is an Important Bird Area, full of Important Birds. Actually I stopped because my broken window had slid open again and was making a whistling noise in my ear. I have to grab the glass and yank it back up into place. Still, it was a nice stop. Birds!

I found all the Canada geese. See those brown things? There were thousands and thousands of geese there, panorama-wise. 

Then we got to Cape Lookout, with no idea what to do next. A sign said this one path was five miles round trip, so just like that, I headed off. At like 4:00. I normally do 20 minute miles so that would be an hour and a half if I spent time dawdling at the view. No worries!

It mostly looked like this. Except incredibly steep in a way that a 2D picture can't really convey. It was terrifying to be inches from a thousand foot fall all the time.

Here you can sort of see the terrifying ever present plummet of doom a little better. That is ocean down there. It is a LONG WAY DOWN.

Notice how taut my dog's leash is. That's because he has no sense of heights or danger or thousand foot falls to the ocean. Other people had their dogs loose, but mine jumped right down a cliff last week and I could not even breathe when he was this close. The whole time he was like, "Come on, Mom!" and I was hissing at him, "Get away from that edge so help me little dog!"

I nearly turned back a million times because ho ho ho, it was not an easy hour and twenty minute hike! No! It was all steep and practically vertical sometimes, never mind the sheer plummets, and once I fell because it was all mud, like liquidy brownie batter ten inches deep. My poor tan pants. And it was exhausting every kind of way. Up! Down! Don't fall to your death! Crawl around the giant mud pit!

Fortunately nice people kept coming along at intervals, always passing me on the way back, I noticed, and encouraging me to keep on going, you're almost there, don't give up now! The huge smears of mud, scarlet face, and look of abject terror may have hinted at my state of mind.

We finally got to the end, two and a half hours after starting out. And guess what we saw? WHALES!!!

You might have to click on the photo or zoom in, which also tells you just how fricking HIGH we were above the ocean, because those are fifty ton whales down there looking like salmon.

!!!!!!!!!!! Whales! I saw real live whales in the wild! From land! In the ocean! HOLY WOW!!!!! 

I took many nearly identical pictures with my phone! I did not drop it over the edge in my excitement, nor drop it on a rock!

Then just when I was starting to think that I should gather myself up and head back, what with how it was super late already and I'd be the last one back and I'd probably break an ankle and die of exposure and my bleached bones would lie there forever, we caught sight of THIS. Holy wow!!!!!

That nice lady is helpfully pointing right at the whale. Look how huge it is!

I looked it up later and we were only 400 feet above the ocean at this point.

So that was outrageously awesome and a total life goal of mine fulfilled. It was transcendent, truly. It was one of those moments where I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to have this moment in my life. I was beside myself. And my dog was squeaking to keep going, so we headed back.

It was somehow all uphill the whole way back, on slippery mud, and I was dying of thirst, but mostly panicking about getting stuck out there in the dark and the cold. Even though I had my gigantic green/blue/purple sweater that I made myself, the warmest garment that ever was, I did not want to fall and get hurt and get stuck.

So I was hurrying. And gradually all of the people I'd left behind at the cape, the end of the trail, passed me on their way back up. And every time, I kept thinking, "Surely they won't leave me behind! That's inhuman! Who would do that?" And every time, they did!

Finally I stopped hurrying, because my lungs were going to explode, and sat on a log facing back toward the coast to rest. And lo! One last person! She was about my age though clearly in better condition--neither scarlet faced, nor covered in mud. And we were BOTH terrified about being the last one up the trail as the day got later. So we became hiking buddies and shared horrible stories about bears and mountain lions and all of the daft things we've done.

Her best one was about stopping for lunch on a trail with a view of the river in front of her and meadow behind her, when this guy camping by the river kept doing this weird mime at her, like raising his arms and making snarly faces. She had no idea what he was doing, so she was doing it back. Then she realized a bear was coming down the meadow to eat her lunch. So she *packed up her tuna* and took off. That's my favorite part! Safety tip: leave your tuna for the bear.

Anyway we had the best time in the whole world and turned a scary trudge into a totally fun shared story time. We're supposed to go to a thing this weekend, though much more In Civilization, possibly with a snack bar and gift shop attached.

I did horribly overexert myself. My entire body hurt so much I could barely walk for two days. And I had the worst asthma attack driving home in the car (once the terror had worn off, I guess) that I've ever had in my life, to the point where I decided that if it wasn't better after a shower, I'd go to the hospital.

Naturally, once again, like when I got stung by a dozen hornets, when my life is in actual danger, I always think, "I don't want to die all sweaty and gross!" and get in the shower. Fortunately my friend D, the biologist/vet (two PhDs!) advised me to take benadryl, which I hadn't even thought of, and anyway it calmed down and I totally survived!


This week I've been doing heinous workouty stuff like busting sod (so hard) and all this hard gardening type stuff so the urge to walk multiple miles has been strangely absent. I should really do it today, I think to myself, right this moment, but my innards are all askew from the chocolate raspberry cheesecake! Why can't I ever remember to take a dairy pill? The dog is irked.

So we'll just go to the dog park and let him play, which is to say, let him stand around barking until everyone else moves off to get out of immediate earshot. Though he does love the beagles and pugs and puggles and corgis and bassets and dachshunds and other short legged creatures.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Very fresh and green

But actually we went for a walk in the park that borders the demolition landfill. And this is its drainage. Vile! Stinky!

Not brackish, despite all my beloved YA authors using that word wrong. Brackish means part salt water and part fresh. The word you are looking for to describe this disgusting flow is "yucky."

No you may not go in there, dog!

But we could not resist this little path.

I had no idea, but it led to a steep cliff down into a weird deep square lake full of very annoyed geese and one irate great blue heron. They all flew off, honking and yelling, except one goose couple that was NOT happy to see Gawain down there on their shore.

These are the angry geese. I called him and he scrambled up the cliff. Good thing or I'd have had to go down and get him, and then who would go down and get me? Twenty foot cliff. Dog is a good jumper and climber, though.

There are all these weird (but beautiful) separate stands of one kind of tree, like one of those games where you fill in patches of trees. It's possible I'm a figment of my own imagination.

A guy in a marathon shirt ran past me, so I got worried that the trail (which was new to me, and a whim) was 26 miles long. It was not!

I don't know what these are but they looked positively Cretaceous. Very cool.

This is one of my favorite kinds of picture in the whole world, I have files full of these. Give me a path that disappears into the trees and I'm smitten. Even though I know that road leads directly to the stinky demolition landfill.

Look, a beaver chewed down this one tree! Is it going to dam the mighty Willamette? I admire the scope of your vision, beaver!

A much more accessible path down to the river than that scary lake cliff before. My dog loves going down a path to some water, looking around, then coming back up. He doesn't swim or even set foot in water. He doesn't get a drink or chase ducks. He just goes down to the water and comes back up. Okay! It seems important to him, so he gets to do it. Barring fierce geese.

This path has two levels, one several feet higher than the other. The lower one floods and everyone walks on the higher one to stay out of the mud. I love how the dog always takes the high road while I take the low road.

This is a lovely pebble beachy curve in the Willamette. Isn't this park completely flipping gorgeous? I know!!! I don't know why it never occurred to me to take pictures. Doy.

Here's another mountain lion print from today in case it all seems too good to be true. Smaller than yesterday's. Quite far away, too. No sign of yesterday's bunny, either. Possibly related phenomena.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mud and other mysteries

What a day, huh?

I'm on the hunt for my brother's birthday present, which took me to the hilariously awesome guns etc. store named Blackwater Tactical. The guy working there was skinny in a flannel shirt and never really looked up from the computer the whole time I was there, though he did answer all my questions and was totally helpful.

I was in full Luna Lovegood defensive outfit mode today for no particular reason. Green pants, white/blue/teal stripey shirt, gigantic cotton cabled vest, purple lace infinity scarf, royal blue sweatshirt with appliques of roses and hearts and butterflies and flowers sewn over every (former) hole, handknit stripey blue/purple/green hat, light blue boots.

You know how people will sometimes let their four year old pick out their own outfit? That's me every day. Unless I have to be somber for whatever reason. But otherwise: why the hell not?

Anyway nobody messes with Luna Lovegood.

So I got to browse the store and look at all the crazy fun stuff. It was far too small, unfortunately. And I already have pepper spray and all the ammunition I could possibly want. They only had boring guns, except for the awesome two-legged ground machine gun in army green which I have to assume is ex-military. This is the place that has a tank!

Nothing looked right, except maybe the stuff that makes it so your targets go bang when you hit them, but you can't ship that stuff by mail. 

And then I saw the twelve inch GI Joe sized Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden action figures. I WANTED THEM. You know, for my brother! But they were not for sale. WOE!!! He would have loved those. I have to go searching around and see what I can find, now that I know such things exist. Crazy!

Then I took my dog and my wacky outfit to the park, where almost immediately I found this:

That is my blue knife that I always carry. Look above it. That is a huge mountain lion print. Yay! So cool! I know, I get excited even though I get scared. Whatever, I am complex, I contain multitudes, no pushing!

You can tell because of several markers. 1) no toenails. Dogs have toenails. 2) uneven middle two toes. They are even in dogs. 3) distribution of toes across paw pad. With dogs you can draw an x across from between the first two toes and the top of the paw pad, and between the last two toes and the other top of the paw pad. This one you can't. 

Also it's huge. 

Then later we were sauntering along and I saw this stick move on the ground. I'm a jumpy sort so I was like, "Whoa, relax, it's not moving," but then saw that it was. It was a HUGE SLUG.

Look, even my knife is scared of that gigantic slug. Oh, how long is my knife? About five inches. Unless that's illegal and then it's however long is legal. Anyway it's just for opening boxes. And puncturing villains if absolutely necessary, but so messy!

Mostly it's just for measuring the wildlife, apparently.

Plus, blue!

That is the biggest flipping slug I have ever seen. Brrrrrrrr!

Then not too much further down the road I saw a grizzly bear standing facing away from me, by this old metal shed thing. No, look. See the shed? To the right of it, behind that stump.

It was not a grizzly bear. It was a big hunk of concrete weathered to just exactly the wrong colors and patterns.

And then another half mile or so up the road, in the parking area, as I was hustling the dog toward the vile and repellant portajohn, we passed this:

That is a bunny. That is not a wild bunny, though. It's a domestic bunny that was abandoned in the parking area probably no more than half an hour before I walked past, because it was just kind of sitting there, eating clover, and being clueless.

We visited the facilities and then walked another mile back to the car, and then drove back to this area to see if I could rescue the bunny. I have no experience picking up bunnies and fully expected to get scratched and bitten and kicked. I developed a vague plan in which I would put my blue sweatshirt over the bunny like I do with the cat if I have to capture him and wish to avoid lacerations. 

Oh, and I had my utterly gigantic L.L. Bean tote bag with the zipper on top. The plan was: capture bunny, put into tote bag, zip it up, hope it only pees on my sweatshirt. Take it home, remove the previous tenant's old dog kennel/cage thing from the back fence where it's been all this time (because who cares?) and put bunny in there. Also go acquire bunny food or whatever.

But bunny would not be caught. I cajoled and stalked and went around the other side and climbed through vicious scratchy blackberries. Bunny escaped me at every turn and then went deeper into the mess of thorns where I could not go. Very sad!

Then I called the non-emergency police, figuring they'd have animal control or something. Guess what! We do not have animal control in this town! Who knew? I talked to the absolute nicest non-emergency police guy in the whole world. He said he had the number for a skunk rescue, and I said, "Well, it *is* black and white...." and finally we agreed I'd done everything I could and I went home.

Then I posted pictures of the bunny on Facebook with a request that if anyone knows whose bunny that was (because it will not live through the night, hello) they should punch them in the face repeatedly and tell them it was from me.

That was my day!

Afterward I ate ten million black bean burritos. Which is to say, smear black beans on tortilla, microwave for thirty seconds. So good! With sour cream and salsa verde. Yum.

And then I finished reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue, which is even better than I remembered. The whole Raven Cycle is fantastic. Oh my goodness me. It's so great. So well written. 

Gawain and I are finally warm. It was 55 degrees in my office but I wasn't that cold once I put shoes on. But by the time the bunny stalking ordeal was over, we were both thoroughly chilled. The house was utterly freezing. I think 55 is generous. So we put on the fire and read next too it, both of us all wrapped in the pink and blue and green and purple quilt. He finally crawled out and into the red chair. And I finished the book. I was reading with one hand stuck down inside my scarf to defrost, then switching hands every time I turned a page. 

Cold: it adds up! I always forget.

Now I have to go visit all of the other gun type stores in town, though actually sporting goods would probably be just as good. I won't need to go all Luna Lovegood on them, either. Did I mention my matching white/teal/green/blue striped socks, too?

I've been sleeping through THREE alarms every day and waking up at noon, so I changed my alarms to that "Everything is awesome!" song. It's loud and sudden and obnoxious! Should do the trick!

Want to hear the best thing of all? My little niece has been listening to The Wolves of Willoughby Chase on cd in the mornings on the way to school every day. She caught her little brother up on the story, and when it ended, they agreed that if their mom and dad were ever lost in a storm at sea, they would walk cross country with the goose boy to find ME. Because they think I'm just like Aunt Jane in the book.

The glory! First of all, that's one of my favorite books ever, so it's absolutely fantastic that they're so into it. Second, Aunt Jane is awesome, though extremely ancient and exceedingly poor, so, hmm. But you know for sure that she's a good safe person to go to! So that's super nice. And third, now I'm totally imagining them traveling with Simon and his flock of geese, riding in the back of the cart and sleeping under all the warm goose feathers, eating chestnut cakes, and then showing up at my door.

I did not point out that their other aunt lives just one state over. She has a crabby husband, that's the thing. And they're, like, grownups. Super extreme grownups. It is self-evident to all children and housepets that I am NOT a grownup. I have a treasure chest full of toys. There are stuffed bunnies all over the place. I live my life the way a kid thinks they would if they were a grownup. Except for the work and bills part. But even that feels like a fantasy these days, like if I had dreamed up a job in an actual dream, it would be this job. I love my job.

And I'd totally have a room with musical instruments and paints and an easel! And a comfy day bed where I can go read! With my witch hats and Nimona armor hanging on the walls! Oh, that's all true.

And when I'm not working, I would just read ALL THE TIME except when I'm out roaming the woods and fields with the dog! I would snuggle with the dog and cat under quilts in the comfy chair by the fireplace! I'd sit out on the deck in the rain and watch the birds! And read read read read read!

Which reminds me, my library books are due tomorrow. 

I'm pretty excited that the grizzly bear was not a grizzly bear. They are completely terrifying and will rip your head off. Have you ever looked at their claws???

And I feel all VINDICATED to see the mountain lion print, because I'm always sure it's there anyway, so it might as well be! It's probably going to eat the bunny, though. Boy, that thing just does not stand the slightest chance, with that coloring, between the mountain lions and the eagles. And no doubt coyotes. I'm sure I've seen their bone-and-fur-filled poo. That bunny is lunch.

At least I tried to save it, though! If I'd parked in that lot, I might have had a chance, but we had that long walk. It's not like I could wrap it in my sweatshirt and then walk a dog a mile--through the dog park--with a bunny bundled up in my arms. Oh well. Clover! Freedom! Briefly!

That slug, though. Brrrrr!