Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cozy on the cove

For a while there I was calling it "Squalor by the Sea" because holy goodness was there ever a mess. To be honest, there still is a mess. It's messy. I'm working on it! Try moving into a place that's already furnished *and* full of stuff some time. Like, the closets are full of pillows and blankets. The cupboards were full of dishes and stuff. I had to pack everything to clear any space to unpack anything.

Also it was truly quite grody, in the not very clean sense. I've cleaned lots, but since then my kitty has been busy barfing in exciting new locations for me to find each day.

This morning--true story--I went and opened the curtains and said, "Maybe nobody barfed today!" and *as I said that* stepped in kitty barf. Woe! And then hopped across the house to the bathroom going "Yuck! Gross! So gross! Why is everything so gross!?"

The trip here was the most grossest trip ever. Like, I don't know why, but everything just went maximum disgusting wherever possible. I had brought some string cheese and cashew butter and carrots, for example. The carrots went evil and leaked sickly sweet rotten carrot juice over everything. The cashew butter leaked gross oil all over everything. And the string cheese turned wet and vile and rotten and disgusting. And that was just one bag of food.

Kitty managed to kick litter over everything, and also track wet litter prints on everything. I mean, wet from the litter. Are you following? Ew. We all slept in the truck, which meant it got damp and steamy from all the breathing, even with windows open. Then of course it rained, the dog got diarrhea, and I threw up on the comforter one night while choking on a piece of plastic inhaled from my inhaler. Awesome!

I told you it was gross. SO GROSS.

I washed and washed everything. I'm only using the comforter for the first time today. And I've been here what, nearly two weeks? It was a little off-putting.

Oh plus I was on the road from Monday to Sunday without a shower. Ha ha! With lots of on-the-road soapy sponge baths and whatnot but still.

I loved our truck, but BOY was I glad to get out of it. Also it was 26 feet long, a massive diesel truck with two steps up into the cab. Which if you're keeping track means how many times a day I had to lift my dog up to a seat the level of my head? Oh my. He weighs 45 pounds.

My house is beeping now. I love my house! But it is somewhat gross, as mentioned! Mold, dirt, grime. It needs a scrubbing to the bone. Once I can get to it. I mean, physically, as well as time-wise. It's beeping because I bought a UPS power backup unit today, because the place is wired boneheadedly such that the internet goes out every time a piece of machinery starts up. That means: dishwasher, fridge, microwave, sump pump, well pump, oil burner, water heater, water softener, and some mysterious "concrete" system that I don't even know what it does.

Something starts up, usually of its own volition, and the power dips dramatically. I mean, the lights dim a lot and the dog wakes up. And then the modem and the router restart and I have to log into my work phone again. Dozens of times a day. Now we have the UPS unit so instead it just beeps a lot every time the power dips. Or surges. Sometimes it surges.

It needs an electrician. I suspect something is amiss! Yes I am an ace detective.

Anyway. Today I tackled the bedroom at last, which has been stacks of fezzes and an awkwardly placed bed and piles of bags and who even knows. It has eaten many of my socks, though. Where do they go? I got everything hauled and moved and rotated and put in place. And now I'm sitting on the bed writing my NaNo (or I was) with the dog and cat sacked out on the very very clean comforter cover. And the dishwasher whirring away and making the power go dim every so often.

Ooh, plus I had hot chocolate with little marshmallows. Went to the store today! I got everything for Thanksgiving except cranberries, because I forgot. I haven't even decided whether I'm going to the Enchanted Forest for Thanksgiving.

Well, I have a mechanical issue, namely that the car has a tremendous exhaust leak that fills the car with exhaust. Unhealthy! And for people, too! I have to keep all three windows that work open when I'm driving from here to the nearest town. That is clearly unsustainable in this state, also. Moose are gonna be sticking their big droopy noses in the windows! Moose!

Anyway I don't think I can drive thirteen hours each way with the windows open. I know, supposedly I could go out and get it fixed, but I find that even more overwhelming than imagining getting some exhaust piping and fixing it myself. Which I can't do because you have to weld that stuff. I do not weld.

So I might ask the reasonably friendly lobsterman who is always outside my window who he recommends for car repairs nearby. Urgh.... Though actually, maybe he welds. Hey!

We'll see.

The fourth window goes down but not up, so I don't use that one. In the car.

My house! It's one big room, my very favorite way for a house to be. With a wee little kitchen off the south wall of the main room, a tiny little bathroom next to that, and three bedrooms of various sizes off the west wall. There's the most gigantic deck around two sides and a small yard and the vast and gigantic Atlantic Ocean just spitting distance away, down a slope of giant rocks. There's a little path through the vetch where the dog and I can go down to the rocky beach and go snooping around the mussels and clams and seaweed. It's FLIPPING AWESOME.

The road is super quiet and everyone waves as they go by, when there's anyone going by, which is rare. We've walked all the way down to the end of the road, where you can see Mount Desert Island off lumping across the bay. It's so close! If I walk down our beach around the point like two houses down, I can see it.

I absolutely love this area. It's an island, though nobody seems to think of it as one, because one side is a smallish river. But if you can paddle your kayak around it, then it's an island, hello. I am in love with this island is what I'm saying.

The house feels like a ship, not just because of the ocean and the decks, but because the basement is full of all that machinery plugging away of its own accord. I have determined to imagine Scottie down there running all of it, so that it doesn't make me anxious. Anyway those power surges and dips are so Enterprisey! What's next, something wrong with the transporter or the holodeck?

I have lobstermen instead of Klingons.

What else? Oh! NaNoWriMo! I'm doing it. It's so hard not to stop! I always get all exhausted and want to quit, like every single day. Especially since I have school due a week from tomorrow and I am not NEARLY done with any of it. Holy goodness. Well, I'll have to get cracking! Things to do! Things to get done! And then the landlady announced she's coming over Saturday, so I really have to finish tidying up and vacuum and also get the carpet cleaner out, ew.

It's a huge relief to have the bedroom mostly knocked into shape, I tell you what. That was not restful. I have boxes of books picked out for the bookcases. And the rest piled into a wall behind the comfy chair. La la la, pay no attention to the wall of boxes of books!

I'm insanely super tired all the time and then perform massive herculean feats of box flinging and fez heaving and dragging all kinds of things downstairs. I've been fighting closing eyes since about 6:00 tonight. But that might be partly carbon monoxide from the car. Hey, I should bring my carbon monoxide detector out there with me! That is bad, bad, bad, bad stuff. And it takes forever to get out of your system. Ugh! Must get car fixed.

I found all sorts of ludicrous items that I'd forgotten about from Before The Move, like a mustard yellow sweater dress? Where on earth? I mean I know, Value Village, it was probably three dollars, but honestly, what possessed me? I will look like a corn dog in that dress. Warm though. A nice warm corn dog!

It really is amazingly cold in this house already, by which I suppose I mean drafty, because it's not that cold temperature wise. But you get super cold sitting still. Dress warmly! I wear my gigantic slipper boots all the time and shamble around like Sweetums from the Muppet Show.

One of these days I'll get my pictures moved over here so you can see all the amazing gorgeousness and beauty and ahhhh! But today is not that day. Thank you hot chocolate for that second wind that allowed me to type this out! And now I must join the dog and cat in horizontality, now that the dishwasher has stopped setting off the UPS beeping every few minutes. Not restful, house! Calm yourself down! Shhhhhhhh.